Wasting money, or buying smart?

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    16 Oct 2013
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    I was talking to a friend about this very thing this past weekend. City only has two players that have played significant minutes that they bought in the off-season. Ederson and Walker. Bernardo Silva is getting more time lately due to match congestion. Mendy would have played significantly more were it not for his injury. I dare say that Ederson and Walker have been fantastic additions and I have no reason to believe that Mendy would have been the same. Silva isn't in the same class as KDB or Spanish Dave.

    This team finished a distant third last year and didn't win a trophy or make it too deep in the CL. So what has happened? First, our much maligned, overspent on players such as Sterling and Stones stepped up their play to a point that I've not heard anybody talk about their price tag in months. Others also have shown great improvement. Due to Kompany playing more and the improved play of the rest of the back line, Otamendi has been rock solid and the crazy tackles have become much less common. Delph who many thought was only on the roster to keep the English player count up, has been really good out of position at LB. Sane has gotten better, Gundogen has played some quality minutes when needed, and Jesus and Aguero are both able to play together or apart and give the team scoring options. KDB, D. Silva, and Ferandinho have been in top form.

    So the reality is that the success of this team is multifaceted. Good signings that live up to their cost, paired with improvement in play in all levels of the team, and continued greatness from those that were at that level before. All signs point that the decision makers at City know what they are about.
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    Ahem, I'm not often right...but I was on this one
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    Disagree, you're usually right, or at least thinking rationally and process will always get results.
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    I was inthe City Store today looking for some Champions gear and at those prices we could afford to buy Neymar and make him play for the EDS.

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