We are the best team in the league...

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  1. Mr Partridge

    Mr Partridge

    5 Feb 2008
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    When Liverpool have played badly they have still won. When we have played badly we have dropped points. That's the ONLY difference.
  2. DenisLawBackHeel74


    20 Feb 2010
    An opportunity for us blues to relax, recoup, and win every other comp bar the PL.

    The league has gone.

    Just enjoy the football, we haven’t been able to do that for 3 seasons due to unrelenting pressure to win....take a break.
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  3. BosnianBlue


    20 Jan 2019
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    we are the best team in the world when we are at our best. We were not at our best many times this season.
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  4. BillCarlisle Ex-Manchester

    BillCarlisle Ex-Manchester

    23 Sep 2010
    Exiled in Cumbria
    Doom & Gloom merchants ? Here's one for you - at the Services on the way back from the match last night, I overheard two blokes discussing who City's WORST player was yesterday. After a performance like that - YCNMIU.
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  5. fulabeer


    14 Jan 2010
    The league doesn't lie. It doesn't matter if we play more skillful prettier football, or have key injuries.
    They have also been very good over the last three seasons. It's just that until this season, we have been even better.
    The main thing is that this season isn't over. They will probably win it, but they haven't yet...
  6. MaineRoadBlue


    24 Dec 2012
    We are NOT the best team in this league this season and such claims and beliefs are part if the reason we have failed to identity and remedy long standing deficiencies. Best is not just measured on how good we can be but also on how poor we can be also. Yes our highs are beyond any competitors but our lows, when they emerge, are rotten.

    We managed to make a terrible United team look amazing, our display at Norwich was shockingly bad whilst our displays against Wolves and Liverpool were awful. In all those games our inability to cope with pacey opposition has been woefully exposed. Even yesterday it was plain to see that we are vulnerable to any standard of team that deploys pace.

    Liverpool, as much as I hate saying it are by far better equipped to amass more points across a 38 game season although even they would probably concede that the artistry and style of their football is fairly dull. It is however much more suited to relentlessly gathering points and as we all know, points make prizes.

    Perhaps our best hopes of silverware this year will be via knockout competitions but frankly our continued achilles heel of paceless defence means we will not be Premier League champions this year and are therefore not the best team.
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  7. give it to gordon

    give it to gordon

    3 Nov 2013
    Are we the best ?
    I think that depends on what type of football you like to watch. I really enjoy City when we are at our best like yesterday the team in second was given a real lesson.
    I dont think liverpool are that much better than most of the top 4 (bar us). But have had tremendous luck with injuries and VAR , I dont enjoy their style of play. Yes their forwards seem more clinical in front of goal than perhaps us at times. I thought if Leicester had another two Vardys they would be top as both teams play the same style of football.
    Are we the best team at keeping the ball ? Yes.
    Do we play the best style of football ? Yes.
    Does that mean City will win the league ? It's not looking good this season !
    Liverpool like yesterday seem to be having huge amount of luck in the last 8 or 9 games they arent playing well but still nick late goals.
    I am not keen on the hoofball style of play that most teams play like utd, Leicester and to a degree dippers, but it works for them and their fans like that style, well apart from utd who's gates has taken a down turn :).
    But at the moment a hoofball team can hurt us with our lack of speed at the back once that is sorted I would think that would make us the best team !!.
    To me we are the best team because I sometimes where blue tinted specs , and believe VAR has been used to beat us and to aid the dippers.
  8. kenzie115


    31 May 2009
    We're better at football, but they're better at winning football matches. Unfortunately, the latter wins you the league.

    Liverpool will win the league and will deserve to do so, but hopefully we can still pick up a cup or two and have had a decent, if not spectacular, season.
  9. m7mcfc


    17 Oct 2008
    Between here and there.
    Errr It's a big difference though pal. It's how titles are won.
  10. alexmcity


    1 Aug 2019
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    Well, if you leave aside the fact that we have suffered two bad and many small injuries, the fact that referees/VAR have helped Liverpool and the fact VVD, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Trent etc. have been almost always available for them, then we might agree that Liverpool are better equipped to amass more points than us this season. Far better though? No need to exaggerate. We beat them last season even though Kevin was injured/out of form for most of the season and contributed only 3-4 league goals the whole season.
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