West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread


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4 Jun 2015
For such good players, in such a good team, I'd say that was one of the most shambolic defensive displays I've seen. Whatever tactics to handle Antonio were poor, they made awful, awful decisions and didn't communicate for shit. I include Ederson in that as well - absolutely pathetic between him and Laporte, and he needs to do better with the goals.


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17 Dec 2006
It's a tough league where no one lies down for anyone so a good point today and yes we could lose to Villa but Liverpool could lose to Southampton and Wolves as well. It was a performance full of character today by a team packed with character.


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16 Jun 2008
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Cannot remember a match when Pep's substitutes won City a game ?
That may be because he seldom makes early or proactive substitutions. He seldom makes use of all 3 substitutions, or all 5 in Europe.
We only have a couple of players who can break down a packed, 9 or 10 men defence.
Phil Foden is one of those people who can unpick the lock of a blanket defence.
Why was Phil not brought on ?
City have drawn away to Palace & West Ham away.
Don't think Pep used a sub in either game ?
Very disappointing we didn't see up the League tonight...
Unbeaten away in the league since the first away at Spuds tells me Pep gets quite a lot right on the road. Our away record is astonishing really.

The dropped points at home are the reason it's going to the last game.


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10 Jan 2005
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I just can’t understand why, after everything that has happened before in big matches and penalties, was it given to Mahrez.
Seems you do not understand much.

Since 2009 almost 100,000 penalty shots have been taken on football pitches around the globe. 75.49% of those resulted in goals, 17.57% were saved by goalkeepers, 4.07% went wide and 2.87% hit posts or crossbars.

Posters go on about how easy it is to score a Pen yet 1 in 4 is not scored. Mahrez's record is better than that, but his today was saved. Thats football and to open the thread with your post just encourages an uneducated pile on. Shame on you.

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