West Ham United (A) | Post-Match Thread


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6 May 2014
Started the game with needing to win the last game of the season to win the league and and ended it with the exact same situation.

Conceded two poor goals, but it is what it is, lads made up for it with the second half.

I will say tho, one of the worst referring displays I've seen this season, blatant pen missed, was basically forced to give the second one although he clearly didn't want too and potentially should of been a red for them. Awful.

Overall, looking at the game from before it started, it's not great. Looking at it from where we were at half time and it's a fantastic result. Everyone can rest up for the week and we can be fresh for Sunday.


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16 Nov 2008
Pep post match

I can assure you something.
In one week our stadium will be sold out.
We will give them all our lives in 95 minutes and they will give us their lives. To all together, to do it . Its an incredible privilege. For all of us after many many years being here it's a privilege with our people , at home , to win one game to be champion and I'm looking forward to it . So we are going to rest 2 or 3 days mentally disconnected ,we are going to train 3, 4 days to prepare the game ..... it depends on us. it will be tough because there is one part emotional that we have and after that you have to analyse exactly what you have to do to beat Aston Villa but we will give everything I am pretty sure about that. We will give everything we have during 90 minutes to win the game and win the title

( Liverpool) it is one of the most perfect teams I have seen in my life , like its Liverpool, fighting until the last corner to be champion . So against this Liverpool you can't win the league 2 , 3 or 4 fixtures ago - its impossible. So you have to fight until the end . They fought . We fight ..and the big big privilege that we have is at home and its in our hands . We don't have to look at anything else . That's in ourselves and we will give everything .

I said don't be sad today because you did a really good performance and it's fair against this opponent to arrive at the last fixture to decide who is the best . It's fair because both teams are too good and that's why it is what it is.

I encourage all people in blue in Manchester that day. Go that day - go to the streets - go to the stadium because they know that we are going to give everything, absolutely everything to win that game and they will be so proud . I'm pretty sure of that


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29 Apr 2019
Team supported
If you had only just started watching football you'd be convinced that Moyes should be given a chance at United. I think he was given a proper poisoned chalice at United surrounded by absolute snakes like Evra, who Pep has murdered this week, and I've always had a soft spot for him so he's glad he's getting respect at West Ham.
Me too. I don’t like how he left us but I can’t hate him because he built a solid Everton side. I’m glad he’s doing well at West Ham (even if I wanted them to lose today!)

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