What can we possibly do to go on a 15 game winning run?


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28 Jul 2013
I really do not know the answer to this question but there are a few things I wish we can do:

Can we try one of the young CBs ahead of Stones, maybe THB and Rodri in defense while Fern moves to the middle?

I really don't know what we can do to address our wastefulness in front of goal. Is Aguero spent? Jesus is not a capable back up yet ubfortunately.

In other words our issues lie in both boxes.

Fame Monster

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28 Jun 2009
OSC Milan
Pep to look at our win rate with and without Gundogan as a second holding midfielder in our team, or (not wishing this on him) a season long injury to Gundogan. The injury to Rodri was a blessing in disguise for us purely because he and Gundogan couldn't play together.

I'm With Stupid

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6 May 2013
It still irritates me that Bernardo is back to being exclusively a winger again when he's so good in CM. De Bruyne hasn't been on form for a while, Silva is slowing down, Foden is still learning, and it'd be good to have a world class option rather than Gundogan in that creative role. Yes our finishing hasn't been great and there have been some criminal decisions not to square the ball (Aguero today), but I also think that the quality of chances we've been creating haven't been up to the standards of last season. Far too many crosses into a packed box, or relying on Sterling dribbling past the entire opposition defence, or passing it to Aguero with his back to 5 defenders and expecting him to fashion a shooting chance.

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