What car do you drive?


30 Dec 2007
The back of beyond
Take your car onto a quiet motorway late at night, make sure the road is straight & clear as far as you can see, grip the steering wheel hard, press the "boost control" button for 5 seconds & get ready for the ride of your life!

To be honest I have no idea, why dont you just press it and see what happens?


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26 May 2005
Experience is a terrible teacher, it gives the exa
I drive a Audi A8 amazing car and pretty quick for a barge plus got a Ninja 1000sx for those dry days when I can escape work and family commitments

Last car before the one I have was an A8 TDI was more than fast enough for the size. Nice enough car to drive, air suspension was nice and had all the equipment you needed. SatNav was shit. But used to get hit in car parks a lot because it was so big and people can’t park.

I’m not really a fan of modern cars, currently drive a BMW 5 series and drive it pretty much everywhere in Eco Pro but it’s largely comfortable if I avoid pot holes. Best thing is I can update my satnav “over the air” so it’s always up to date - take note Audi. Also own and very occasionally manage to drive:

Mk1 Golf GTi cabby big bumper version in shinny black with dove grey interior - lovely car and 100% rust free. Yes, I look like a girl but I don’t care.

Polo G40 - in green - only about 500 of these were ever sold in UK back in the early 90s and these little 1.3 supercharged Polos are just brilliant - my one is running about 150bhp ish in a car that weighs 800kg and it looks like ya nans shopping car.

Classic Subaru Impreza UK turbo - red - totally standard down to original stereo and very low miles (55k). Was owned by a bloke in his late 70s. I think these standard - good example - scooobies are going to go for some pretty decent money in the future. Rust in the turrets has/is killing most.


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23 Oct 2014
Wife had a 1.5 dci clio. Pretty slow but never missed a beat in 7 years. Most reliable car we have ever had.
We have a couple in family a 60 and a 62 plate prefer the older one tbf as last of the non DPF.


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19 Apr 2008
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At the moment a VW Passat GT, going full electric now just ordered an Audi Q4.
Missus has recently got a Passat estate GTE through her company. Really lovely to drive. Find the charging erratic though. Never same amount of miles on after charging.
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