What if we just went with Delap, Jesus, and Torres?


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6 Feb 2019
Chez vegas
It could save £100m to find out. A part of me would prefer investing in these young players as I think it’s more rewarding than splashing out record transfer fees.

If we don’t buy Kane or Grealish then no one else will this summer so if the gamble doesn’t work out then we can look to re engage with them next summer.

I don’t think we would win the league if we did but then the likes of KDB and Sterling would not be happy. KDB just signed a long term contract on the basis we will be the team to beat over the next 3/4 years, he wouldn’t be happy sacrificing a year just so the club could save some money which leads me to think we will get one huge money transfer target over the line.
Believe you me mate, the rags and Chelsea will be all over Kane if we decide against it. Both those clubs are in a position to outspend us

Bill Walker

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24 Dec 2006
Down under
I don't get this, why worry about what a player will cost, it's not our own money is it?
It's our club mate, and it's a perception. Some of us feel it's more rewarding to give younger players the chance to shine.

Like we didn't do with Sancho.

Also for me Kane is a Tottenham legend, we need to find our own, like Sergio etc.

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