What is Manchester to you?

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  1. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008
    Are you a Mancunian? And if not what do you consider yourself to be?

    Following on from the bee and badge thread and the what would improve Manchester thread, What do fellow blue mooners think Manchester is comprosed of? Just the place itself or the other areas? or do you consider the other towns Greater Manchester but not Itself Manchester.
    Also what do you consider yourself? A Mancunian, or boltonian, stopfordian, Salfordian etc, or do you consider yourself both?

    I ask because when people write are mentioning places like for example Worsley and Cheadle (and I don't mean this disrespectively to anyome from there), I don't think of them as Manchester, Greater Manchester yes, but not Manchester.

    I have mates from place like Eccles, bredbury, Whitefield etc and some call themselves for example the people from bredbury one says he's a Manc, the other a Stockport lad, same goes for some others respectively. In fact one friend from Eccles gets annoyed whe I call it Salford, as far as she's concerned it's a place of it's own

    My gran was dead proud to be from Duckinfield and Cheshire as it was where she was born and would correct anyone at being refered to as a Manc even though she lived just over half her life in Gorton and Bradford, I also remember when younger in te 80's mates from Salford who would get annoyed at being refered to as Mancunians, though that's changed as we have got older.

    So what do you consider yourselves?
    Boltotian, buryite, rochdilian, stopfordian, traffordonian, Ashtonian, Hydonian, salfordonian and whateved people from Oldham call themselves.

    And are you from Lancashire, Gtr Manchester, Cheshire etc

    Me I consider myself a Mancunian from Lancashire but also part of a group of similar great towns and cities in Greater Manchester.
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  2. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    i consider myself a stopfordian/ stockport lad from cheadle., greater manchester and cheshire, but with a lot of links to manchester through family, uni, friends, work. i can see why people from cheadle say there from manchester though. lots of people including myself have family from manchester, and where I'm from its literally down the road from places like didsbury, burnage and cheadle itself is right on the border. theres also an overspill estate in cheadle.

    id say salford and stockport have the most in common to manchester, being so close and both have similar accents. all the smaller towns arent manchester and your arent mancunian if your from say rochdale, but there are a lot of similarities between the different towns.
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  3. manctheknife


    28 Aug 2007
    The term manc was first coined by scousers in the 80s...as derogatory and derived from manky...it covered anyone from wigan to Wythenshawe regardless of accent. I don't use the term, mind you I'm ancoats born so should probably consider myself an Anc....
  4. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    I'm from Marple- New Mills area so not really a proper Manc but I've lived in the city centre for a few years now so it feels like home.

    I love the place but the gardens and market street needs sorting drastically.
  5. denislawsbackheel


    28 May 2008
    I'm a Manc.
    Raised a five minute walk from Maine Road.
    The Irwell marked one boundary.
    Cheetham Hill Road another.
    Wythenshawe was as far south as it goes for me.
  6. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008

    Wasn't it used prior to that in early reviews for corronation st in the 60's to describe the accent to viewers from other regions.
  7. normskih


    17 Aug 2015
    I was born in Manchester in the 60's, I consider myself to be a Mancunian from Lancashire. Not a Manc and definitely not from Greater Manchester.
  8. BlueHammer85


    13 Oct 2010
    I've been 4 times and only ever for footballing reasons - 3 times to Old Trafford and once to Etihad where Dean Ashton knocked you out the F.A Cup ! Wa hey.
    Always had a soft spot for Manchester though, grew up obsessed with Oasis, which got me into other Manc bands to eventually loving all music. Like the Northern attitude to life and whilst we're all pretty much the same up and down the land, mancunians do have a bit of extra X factor about them.
  9. The Silver Surfer

    The Silver Surfer

    1 Jul 2009
    I'm from inside the official Greater Manchester map, therefore, I am a Mancunian.

    However, although I am proud of the fact, I dislike any associations in the media of "Mancs" being a Neanderthal race made in the image of Liam Gallagher mooching about in a pair of Gazellels, with mandatory Adidas top, bucket hat and clicking their fingers saying "top one mate, top one".

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  10. peoffrey


    15 Oct 2010
    RIP Billy Big Spuds
    I'm from Pembrokeshire in South Wales originally so I'm not a Mancunian. I spent part of my childhood here, part of my young adult life here and now live here as a 37 year old. It's home but that's it.

    What I do know are some absolute diamonds in terms of people. A decent crowd in the pub have welcomed me like an old friend. As have work colleagues. People always look to help me too.

    I find locals modest, warm, sociable and passionate. They're not unlike the Welsh in that respect.

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