What is Manchester to you?

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  1. BufordUSABlue


    16 Jan 2009
    North Manchester to Buford, Georgia, USA
    Team supported:
    Only football team to come from Manchester
    Manchester to me is ……….HOME!!

    I absolutely love coming back when I can, just walking around the City brings a smile to my face! Born is Stretford Memorial in the 50's (just!) Dad was a huge Red and took me to The Swamp in my early days and although i loved spending time with my Dad (RIP) I never developed any affinity for the Rags. But, once my uncle took me to Maine Rd (thank you Uncle Brian!!) for my first game, somewhere around 1967-68, I was well and truly hooked and remained that way ever since.

    Like a lot of people, I moved out of Moston in the 70's and have lived all over since and the last 19 years in the US, but Manchester is and will always be, my HOME !! Its where my ashes will be buried one day to complete the circle of life.
  2. remember arthur mann

    remember arthur mann

    30 Aug 2009
    Newton Upon The Heath
    Yep, Des O'Connor's !

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