What would you uninvent?


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14 Nov 2008
Offence isn't given, it's took..
Mobile phones.
Gone are the days when you can enjoy a quiet beer without someone shoving one in your face to show you something you have absolutely no interest in...

Some examples of the notable delights I can't un-see...

Two woman and a cup, whatever it's called... Just fuck off with it you sick ****..
Ken Bigley execution...Yeah thanks for that...
I can't deny it's a handy tool for some people, but it pisses me off that no etiquette has grown around the fucking things. People just stare at them like zombies. For me they have just turned most people into ignorant fuckers....

Kompany Car

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19 Sep 2015
With the exception of medical advancement. Everything that has been invented or further developed post 1984.

I listen to people older than me who talk about the heady days of having job cards for each day or going to work and doing just the job they were trained to do whilst getting final salary pensions, free cars and a good salary ...
Instead we now have the never ending shit hoppers that are email, teams etc and not enough hours in the day to ever complete them, before they are topped up again.
Quite happy to do without mobile phones, fancy games consoles, OLED TVs, social media etc for a simpler life

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