What's the furthest you've travelled to watch City ?


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23 Aug 2008
wrongun73 said:
once i got up and turned the telly on...
*remote was fucked and the mrs. was out* ;)

Could have sworn I saw you at Wembley mate!


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14 Nov 2008
All three Asian tours in Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong kong plus Sweden tour and most of the other motley places in Europe we've been to recently.
I must know quite a few of you guys that have been on the Asian tours. Remember the British Bulldog pub in Shanghai playing pool with the hookers in the upstairs bar?
8 Jul 2009
Tbilisi said:
spacecadet said:
Plymouth argyle in eighties

Was that the season we played them twice in a week and there was another far flung away game at that time?

Seem to recall the club awarding those fans on the official trip with a certificate.

that week we played Ipswich on the Saturday 0-0 what a boring game that was
Tuesday night we should have played Plymouth in the League Cup got all the way down for the game to be called off
Wednesday night the game was played we won 6-3 what a game
Saturday back down to Plymouth for League game we won 1-0 sat next to Ged Tagget at the game
what a week and yes we did get a certificate

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