When will we score 7 goals AWAY from home again.


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18 Jan 2012
Remember being on turf moor few years ago when we were 5-0 up at h/t, only the 2nd half almost biblical rain stopped us getting 10 never mind 7!!! :)

i had to stand in the burnley end opposite end behind goals, i was with 3 burnley lads. I was about 3 rows from the front right behind the goals and will never forget seeing tevez and bellamy running forward on to goal, they dribbled and crossed all the first half, if we weren't scoring we where hitting the post. Their keeper didnt have a clue.

One of those games where you got the feel for how difficult it must be for a team trying to defend against us.

Lavinda Past

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21 Feb 2012
Like you really care where I am. Fuck you Kyle.
Ha ha. Yes I remember it well. I was in the Platt Lane that day with my mates and the ball went flying over our heads and onwards towards the back row. As a matter of fact I still go to City with one of those guys. Once a Blue.......
If I remember correctly, Francis Lee placed the ball on the spot, walked away from the ball, and Tony Coleman ran past him to shoot.

After the ball flew over, an old boy near us said that the penalty should have been taken again. He said the ref has to know which player will take the penalty, and that Francis was still in the 'D' when TC kicked the ball.

We thought he was clutching at straws at the time, but thinking back, it makes very good sense.

VAR would have had a field day with it!


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25 Jun 2020
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Manchester City
we should have got 7 in the fa cup final v watford
stones had a great chance near the end but missed it.
we would have had the highest score for a fa cup final if he had scored.
we share the 6-0 with Bury i think.
Yes but Bury's wasn't at the home of football.
City have the highest FA Cup final win at Wembley

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