Where are the dinosuars

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  1. Growing up in the 70's we were blessed with brilliant music and brilliant musicians compared to the mass produced, disposable drivel we have to endure these day and it got me thinking.
    We had, and in some case still do, just.....real frontmen, skilled guitarists, drummers and real song smiths but they're fast disappearing. Nowadays....nothing, so where are the next ones coming from and who in gods name are they.
    Where are the next Moon, Plant, Daltrey, Richards, Jagger, Page, Peart, Osbourne, Townshend, Blackmore, 'Lemmie' etc etc etc. I cant see anything on the horizon. Or, as a recent interview with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend claimed....it's all been done........
  2. Ban-jani


    7 Dec 2013
    Trash culture has taken over.
    Even people my age don’t understand anything about the history of the country and they have awful tastes.

    It’s quite sad really.
  3. Nebuchadnezzar


    14 Feb 2012
    screaming my bollocks off
    Can't wait to tell the grandkids about Harry Styles.
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  4. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012
    Before the 70s, or late 60s at the earliest single were the records people bought, albums only really ruled from then until the 90s, now young people download single tracks from bands again. So the artists you mention were all from the 'album years'. My son plays some really good modern music, couldn't tell you what most of it is, but he only downloads tracks he likes.
    Same as it always was a lot of the best stuff isn't played on the radio and the disposable stuff is so unless you look for it you won't hear it. Same as always the older generation are convinced it was better when they were growing up. I think it was better , but I also know my son and daughter thinks I'm wrong, and they like some of my stuff.
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  5. Crouchinho


    17 Feb 2011
    Toronto, bye bye blighty
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    Tottenham Hotspur
    Who are the biggest bands that play instruments these days
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  6. AlexWilliamsGloves


    7 Jan 2009
    East Belfast

    Its difficult, impossible to compare those bands to those of today...mostly because "its all been done".....so a lot of new bands are damned if they do, damned if they dont....society is different, fans are different and music in general is soooo different.
    But its completely untrue to say theres nothing out there...you just have to go and look for it....or else you'll just get spoon fed the latest money spinner....and to be fair, back in the day we were just spoon fed what the music press wanted us to hear.

    To me, your post suggest you are asking where are the "rock stars", with big personalities.....those stars you listed are the stuff of myth and legend, yes they were outrageous, but im pretty sure they were fairly normal as well. Unfortunately we have celebrity on tap these days....back then you'd read a story once a week/fortnight/month in NME or Melody Maker etc...and you couldnt fact check/discuss/argue about it online. Rock stars now, when they show some personality, get shot down and ruined.

    Im not a huge fan of these all, but id go out on a limb and suggest

    Arctic Monkeys
    Tame Impala
    Fontaines DC
    Liam Gallagher (pffft)
    Josh Homme / Queens of the stone age
  7. Fiftyyearsandcounting


    25 Oct 2009
    With my first pay packet back in the very early 60's, I went to Shude Hill market looking to buy a single record to start a collection. All morning, I couldn't decide between to songs I'd heard on the radio. Both by Bobby Darin "Things" or "Jailor Bring Me Water. I decided on "Things", I think it cost me around 6 bob (I big chunk out of my £4.50 wage).
    Got home and played it on my dad's Dansette. Flipped it on to the "B" side and guess what...
  8. Mike Cledford

    Mike Cledford

    9 Jun 2019
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    Rio Ferdinands mate who was old enough to be the dad of Harry?

    Very strange that.
  9. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    Turn the radio off, turn the music tele channels off, and do a few months search for good music. It’s all out there, it’s as good as ever, it’s just not mainstream at all anymore. The radio doesn’t play it, the music tele channels don’t play it, record companies don’t even sign a lot of them up, but it is out there.

    Take this, for example. I went to see these guys at Night&Day a few years ago. They never got signed to a record company and are no longer together, yet made this track a few years ago:

    If this level of music goes unsigned and consigns bands to the dustbin, imagine how good some other stuff that does make it is...
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  10. BlueHammer85


    13 Oct 2010
    yep, fully agree , plenty of very very talented artists and bands around - my mate play guitar in a band called ‘Codes In the Clouds’ (Check em out on Spotify) ... amazingly talented, saw them at a gig in London at a church the other week.

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