Where would you rank last night in terms of disappointments?


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30 Apr 2009
Doubt it even gets into the top 10 biggest disappointments for me.

We dominated at the Bernebeu for 90 odd minutes, and conceded two freak goals in 3 freak minutes.

We could play those 3 minutes again 1000 times and never concede 2 again.

Do you think Bayern went soul searching and hit the pits of despair in 99? No, they brushed themselves down, then went and won it the year after.

Bigger disappointments off the top of my head:
- Cheslea CL Final
- Spurs CL QF
- Liverpool CL
- Lyon CL QF
- Monaco CL
- Stoke relegation
- Liverpool relegation
- Wigan FA Cup Final
- The Shite Carabao Cup SF
- West Ham FA Cup QF


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6 Oct 2018
Wolves in 74 was a killer. I blubbed a bit.

Take me a while to get over this one though.
Sky Blue. Same here in 74. 14 years old, first trip to Wembley, much vaunted City front 5 vs a street wise but very average Wolves.
Tears all the way home and scene set for a lifetime of hopes, dreams and many disappointments.
Now i would not change a thing and am certain that we will win the big Euro trophy soon and enjoy the occasion all the more having served afull apprenticeship.
The result last night was a real shitter and I didn’t get much sleep. Today I am in a better place with my own logic that we were always going to struggle in the tightest matches without a true goal scorer and we’ve avoided the nightmare of potentially losing the final to the dippers with their abundance of goalscorers.

win Sunday and my mood will lift completely.

Scaring Europe to Death

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31 Oct 2014
For me it was Wembley 74 when I genuinely couldn't see City losing.

However, we're fast approaching the stage where anyone under the age of 30 won't remember the real dark days of defeats at Stockport, Lincoln and York, essentially because they weren't even born.


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5 May 2008
Doesn’t come close to Scholes scoring the only goal of the game in injury time at the Etihad on my birthday. What a shitter that was.

I nearly started a riot on the concourse after that, undid the bolts on the gate opened it and got put in a headlock by stewards haha, half a bottle of Fenny in me.

hinchcliffes bulbous conk

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7 Nov 2010
That was by far the worst Champions League defeat of the lot, the worst defeat of the new-era City since the takeover.

Relegations are worse though. As bad as I feel today (and I’m devastated!), it’s not on the same level as 3rd May 1998.
I was hurting walking out of the stadium after the Spurs CL exit and badly after losing to Chelsea last year.

I don’t know why but last night and today feels worse. Didn’t sleep last night with the shock of it all - so I’m with you 100%.

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