Who is the worst actor in Coronation Street


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12 Jun 2016
i was inspired by the thread about the factory.

I can’t believe how bad some of the acting is on Coronation Street and how long some of them have been getting away with it (Ken Barlow).

Some of the current bunch are so bad. I think Gary Windass might be the worst but he’s being run pretty close by Seb (don’t know his last name) and Nick Tilsley. Complete wooden tops the lot of them.

urban genie

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11 May 2008
Is Dev still in it? He was awful.
He us a blue so gets a pass ;-)

Tyrone or fizz for me, but tbf corrie charactors are very cartoonish and many who have left have gone on to some top acting roles and plaudits.

Don't watch it, but me mam and sis in law does, so if round my parents or our kids tollerate it.
Saying that now the fit lezzer nurse is gone, no fucking point putting up with it


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27 Jan 2014
adequate - David Platt + Partner, Roy
Poor but funny - Norrice (sadly not appearing through ill health), Steve
Just Poor - Simon aka little Joleon, Her with the Cancer and the moron voice + partner (words fail me)

The writing has continually gone down hill with Corrie now just a northern Eastenders with increasingly bizzare and unbelievable plot lines and personality changes. The days when it reflected the dialogue, warmth and humour of all that is best of the North West of England are sadly long gone.

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