Who's got the most loyalty points


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23 Dec 2008
Probably grafting, and moaning about refs!
After seeing Luton away starting at 31,000 loyalty points, I was curious as to who had the most loyalty points on this forum. Reply below with your loyalty points and ill start a top 10 league table. People with points eligible for the top 10 will have to provide proof.

I've got 1515 (obviously I know i'm nowhere near top 10 or even top 50,000) Had a period of my life where i couldn't make games but back to being a season ticket holder again more recently. I went more in the late 90's / early naughties when we didn't win many games

Loyalty Points League Table (as at 27.11.2023)
1. Tonster - 31,170
2. Kbb - 29,840
3. Kbb's Son - 29,370
4. Edtheblue - 28,200
5. Gloryhuntersince85 - 27,910
6. Eastmidlandsblue - 27,000
7. Patrington_Blue - 26,010
8. Gazing - 25,400
9. Eccles Blue - 24,735
10. Colinbellsboy - 21,005

1,000,000th. Rorz88 1515
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I’ve 28,200 .
My mates got just over 30,000 ,thought he was in the top 10 but maybe not ‍♂️

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