Why are England so toothless as an international team?

Gaylord du Bois

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16 Aug 2010
Great Umbrage.
I agree with a lot of the reasons here. I also think bad luck at some times, continuous in fact. From Bobby Moore being found to have stolen necklaces, through to Maradona cheating, to various penalty shootouts , gazza's miss v germany in 96, maybe a few others. We've had some misfortune too.
Payback for the ball that didn't cross the line in '66.


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28 Aug 2005
being a manager you can over eggs it to much and start to believe in yourself far to much. you forget the basic football rule of getting the ball in the net more than the other team. its a simple game made impossible my managers who think they have this plan that's the best

england have some great talent and a young squad that play all over europe for some great sides and managers
but when international duty calls the manager is clueless in handling them. because his knowledge of the game is not of a good standard and winning titles and played at the top

i cringe at what his plans are in trying to win ? its truly championship level of corners and freekicks
its old fashion long ball into the channels and play from there. not one of the england lads play that sort of football at their clubs and we wonder why scotland out played us

if england swap managers with the scotland manager both could make the final ?
scotland wanted to play through the middle and run at our defence sadly they are not good at it
england wanted to kick the shit out of the ball up field sadly not good at it

i fear somebody giving england a right thumping because its coming in this euro's then the shit will hit the fan
maybe its what needed to get this clown out of one of the top jobs at international football

forget its got to be a english man ?? its got to be the right person to handle the talent we have and play football on the grass


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7 Nov 2010
Fuck knows.

I thought it was the manager but Capello is world class, maybe it was the players but in the past decade we have had some of the worlds best and then I thought maybe its the support but England are backed to the hilt at every tournament.

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
Tactically it was all over the place. I’d almost say inept.

He played Shaw who likes to cut inside from wide, but also played Sterling on the left who cuts inside all the time. That never works in tandem. When Cancelo and Sterling both play on the left together, City look poor on the left. Our left hand side was hopeless last night.

He keeps playing Foden on the right when he’s played there for no more than half an hour in his entire career so far (away at Liverpool for the last half hour in the second half and never again for City). He looks unnatural on that side. Despite that he was our only really creative player last night and he took him off!

Two holding midfielders against a deep defence is a waste of time. Every man and his dog was saying to drop one of the two holders and play another creator, and he didn’t do it.

There’s no structure to our play, and there never seems to be going through many managers over many years. All we did all night was pass it backwards! We’ve always been a poor passing side and even with the few good passers we’ve had over the years, we end up not picking them in their right positions (Scholes was played wide left at times by Sven) or at all (how many caps did Britton ever get? How long did it take us to play Hargreaves?). We take too many touches, take too long to move the ball and thus the opposition around the pitch.

If it was a league format, England would finish a comfortable lower top half.
In a position similar to our world ranking! Funny that.


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5 Jan 2008
A team is only as good as its weakest link and England’s weakest link is the championship standard totally uninspiring manager who has the personality of a chair leg


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2 Jan 2009
Team supported
Too many way over hyped players over the years and once they've come up against the real deal they've been found badly lacking.
No point just blaming the coach


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1 Aug 2013
Chicago, formerly Prague, originally Calderdale
You produce good players. You also produce players who are labelled world class who just aren't. If you convince yourself you have a team of world class players, your expectations are very high. World class players deliver when it matters. The fact you never seem to shows you they ain't. You also have problems finding your best selection. I couldn't believe Foden got taken off, maybe play him and Greelish? Kane is a fucking man down for England. Simple as that. If Waisty gets a balance you will improve, but not to win it. That's as daft as me thinking we could make the Semis. You're just not good enough. After the Croat game, I couldn't believe how that performance was getting talked up. It was tedious, slow, lacked real pace and incisive movement. He needs to change it, like Clarke had to. He thought we played well on Monday, we didn't. Southgate needs a performance against the Czechs. That means changes. He makes them or he's toast..

You don’t need a team full of world class players to go deep in a tournament. Wales made the semis in 2016 with two genuinely good players. Greece won it with zero.

England’s talent pool is more than good enough, provided everyone turns up and luck is on their side.

Everyone needs to understand their job, put a shift in, keep it tight and take their chances. England can’t manage that


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10 Aug 2008
Oh Manchester, is wonderful....
These major tournaments are just like any other cup competition, everything needs to fall into place to win them.

But, you have to be willing to lose in order to win and Southgate was cacking his pants last night, petrified of losing.

Fode N The Hole

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1 Oct 2020
Scholes was played wide left at times by Sven)

"Scholes on the left" is a cliche not really based on reality. He never had the best disciplinary record so playing him in the engine room instead of other players who were less likely to lose their head would have been a mistake. At that stage of his career he was also better further forward and hadn't yet developed into the regista (a transition partly due to waning fitness issues) most people remember him as.

Do people look back and make the same
Argument about David Silva's position for Spain or his early city career?

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