Wigan Athletic gone into administration


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30 May 2010
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No love for Wigan what so ever but think the 12 points deduction is a bit harsh under covid and how it’s Totally wiped out Match day income for the leagues. Possible they could have survived on pie sales alone with fans in the ground.
Looks to be a bit more too it then just loss if match day income with bad management, but in the days where government are throwing money about left right and centre to combat the financial aspect of Covid its a shame the league couldn’t have suspended the point deductions for any team falling into administration for this year and maybe next . I’m surprised it’s only Wigan tbh and think maybe one or two others may just have hung in to take the 12 point hit next year . Also surprised they all agreed to resume the league without taking away the Deduction clause for this year at least . wont lose any sleep over it, just feel it’s a bit unfair under Covid


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30 Nov 2011
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Oh what a shame. Get down.

Well done Baarnsley. Anyway my Mum's from there!


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15 Apr 2009
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I can feel the bitterness about losing the 2013 FA Cup Final emitting from you Stokie. Its coming from Charlestown Road, down the phone line and straight into my living room in Newton Heath. And I love it,love it, really love it.
Being a bitter blue it comes naturally to me.

Don't forget the shit they said after the play off semi final and the pitch invasion not so long ago. Plus the fact they're all reds really as well.

They were nobs after Wembley too. A few got slapped and deserved it.

Joke club....clown fans

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