Wonga Repayments


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16 Feb 2017
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So who's been promised a email regarding a Wonga repayment today?

I have 4.3p to the £.

Received £106.03 back (minus 33% i have to pay to the 3rd party i used to reclaim my money) out of £2459.62

Suppose the good news is the loans are being taken off my credit file within the next 45 days !!

Won't get any of the money for up to 4 weeks either!!


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7 Dec 2013
I used to work with them, not for them, as a client.

I have mixed feelings and I think they were quite delusional. The original owners were complete cowboys and those that were there at the end and took over were genuinely trying to do the right thing.

They saw themselves as a service to those the banks wouldn’t lend to and they always argued the banks behaved worse than they did but didn’t get the same press.

I didn’t do any work with them on their products and I wasn’t involved in what they did, I just got to know them during the process.

They genuinely tried and ultimately failed to change and be more responsible and be in line with FCA regs.

I think they were delusional in that they saw themselves as revolutionaries, against the banks and helping those the banks wouldn’t help.

I disagree with them fundamentally and whilst they tried to do the right thing in the end, the world is a better place without pay day lenders.


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6 Mar 2006
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It's a comment on this country that an organisation like Wonga was ever allowed to exist.
The equivalent of the council estate loan shark, but legal. If you're that hard up that you need to borrow at such stupid interest rates, for God's sake join a credit union. There's a very good one in Manchester.


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21 Nov 2004
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wonga offered a service and made quite clear what they charged, i borrowed off them around 5 years ago when i was skint, the situation was that in error i had gone over my overdraft limit at my bank and this created massive charges, if i remember correctly these charges were applied on a daily basis, to clear the mess up it was cheaper for me to borrow £100 off wonga and pay it into my overdrawn account rather than wait untill pay day and pay the banks charges, now who are the real thieves here wonga or the high st bank?


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5 May 2009
What a funny world we now live in, when feckless, debt junkies are complaining about not getting enough compo over the debts that they haven't even paid back anyway.

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