World Cup Quarter-Finals Thread.


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9 Jun 2011
I love Fernandinho but for me I would really like to see Colombia go through as it would be nice to potentially see a new name on the trophy, plus Colombia have entertained me in this World Cup whilst Brazil haven't.

I honestly don't know what to make of the Germany team, they have have a great midfield and a pretty decent defence but they lack great fullbacks and don't have a top class striker.

France on the other hand look to have a pretty all round decent team as their defence and midfield is quality and well balanced and they have goals up front.

France to knock Germany out.

Argentina or Belgium for me, both teams have City players in the starting XI.

Holland have the best counter attacking team and that could see them win the tournament, but to see Van Gaal go back to United as a World Cup winner would be hard to take as I would expect a massive media love-in that could be unbearable.

Costa Rica are a decent team though but I think this is as far as they will go, however, they are the shock team in the tournament so who knows?
I fancy Holland strongly to get past Costa Rica but I haven't got a clue who will get through the other three ties.

I just hope the tournament carries on the way it has been doing with very decent games and some of the Worlds best standing up to be counted when it really matters.
Just for the sheer hell of it, I found a 990/1 bet with betfair. - Germany, Holland, and Brazil all to win in extra time. Not likely, but worth a quid, no?

I think Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Holland will progress.
It's really incredibly hard to pix these matches, because they depend on so many things that could change on the day.

Germany vs France depends on how Loew lines up the team. If he plays smart then Germany should win, but if he picks a stupid team then fancy the French.

Colombia have been clearly better than Brazil, but the plus for Brazil is that a lot of their better players have had terrible tournaments. If Marcelo. Alves and Oscar step up then they can pull through with home support. I also wonder how Colombia will react to the pressure of facing the home team.

Holland vs Costa Rica is the easiest to predict. Robben will finish off Costa Rica. If Costa Rica play their high line he will get in behind them and score. If they defend deep he will dribble pass them and win.

Belgium vs Argentina also depends on if Belgium can grow enough. I think they will have the better chances, but they are a young inexperienced team and it takes bottle to score chances in a quarter final. Switzerland had more than enough chances to win, but the Drmic was too young and missed most of them.

It's a great quarter final line up.
bluethrunthru said:
davymcfc said:
Brazil, holland, Germany and Argentina to progress.

Wow tipping all the outsiders then mate ha ha ha - I agree its been fun for some so far but the big boys will most likely contest the semis
You heard it here first...
I don't rate this Brazil team at all but they have the attributes that will cause that Colombia defence all sorts of problems.

I want Colombia to win but their defence looks slow which could benefit a player like Neymar, also I think everyone is now expecting James Rodriguez to have an immense performance after seeing what he can do, let's see if he can deal with that pressure.

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