Worst injury celebrating a City goal

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Bozo, 19 Oct 2017.

  1. digbythebiggestdogintheworld


    10 Jun 2004
    over there by the beefburgers
    FA cup semi vs the rags. When Yaya scored I was still in the bar area behind the stand, heard the roar, went to leg it to my seat, slipped and bust my knee. It was black and blue for a couple of weeks after.
  2. OffertonBlue


    18 Feb 2012
    Dozens of shin scrapes and broken specs. Plenty of punches to the chin and nose. But the worse was Chelsea at home when they missed a penalty three or four seasons ago. I fell celebrating onto the metal bar at the end of the row of seats and gashed my shin pretty bad. When I saw blood through my trousers I rolled my trouser leg up and the woman next to me nearly fainted. I had cut my shin open so bad you could clearly see the shin bone. Cue a steward taking me to the first aid room, who then took me to the medical centre right next to the players tunnel. The Doctor there stitched my leg up as the players were walking past the medical room at the end of the game. The wound became badly infected and to cut a long story short I had quite a few days on an antibiotic drip in hospital as the Consultants feared the infection, which was now in my shin bone, would not be cleared. They said if it didnt clear up then I would have my leg amputated below the knee. Not a pleasant thought, but a few weeks later the infection cleared and no need for an amputation, although specialist community nurses had to visit every day to dress the open surgical wound. Quite a while off work and I now have a nice scar to remind me to this day. Standing in 111 next to the away support can be a bit lively at times!

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