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2 Feb 2012
Fergie to Zaba after the 2-3. "How dare you turn your back to me whilst I am abusing you, who do you think you are?"
Zaba (appropriately dressed) turns.He has a helmet tucked under his arm,inside the helmet is the severed head of Paul Scholes."My name is Zabiator, fullback for the club of the north, slayer of the Ginger Twat, father of the crunching tackle, boyfreind of a beautiful Spanish girl, and I will have my revenge, in this season or the next."
43,000 fans are pointing at Fergie with their thumbs down, screaming " Kill, Kill"
Fergie "Uhh, it seems you have won the crowd,I'll err, I'll just shuffle off then shall I?"


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30 Oct 2008
Zabaleta won the 2009 World Poker Championship with a 2 of hearts, 4 of clubs, a joker card, a number 7 card from the game uno and a monopoly get out of jail free card.

True Story

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