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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by MegaBlue, 3 May 2016.

  1. Akiva


    5 May 2016
    With a release clause, if it's met, the buying club doesn't need to deal with the player's club at all.

    Not sure where you get that idea, but in most countries (like say, Spain) release clauses are written into player's contracts by law.

    That's up for debate, I'm not sure Arsenal investors and their board would see it that way.

    Further, to suggest Wenger would hold onto Sanchez for one more year, when he doesn't want to play for the club, is silly. He takes up a squad place, costs a lot of money each week and will only end up going where he wants at the end of the season anyway.

    It would make sense for them, but the player can simply refuse to go abroad.

    What we do know is this: Sanchez wants to go to Man City. Indeed, perhaps agreements have already been made, as mentioned earlier, between Sanchez and City.

    The club can't sell him against his will and are extremely unlikely to piss away £50 million and his wages just to keep him around for one more year. If there's one thing about Arsenal, it's that they don't care about being a top English club when it comes to money. Their transfer record speaks for itself.

    On top of all that, if City really want their man they'll pay up for him. Can you see the Arsenal board letting Wenger turn down £60 million? It's just not going to happen.
  2. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    No shaking player! ("Thumbs up" in British) :-)
  3. bassplayer


    15 May 2016
    Arse will not miss the chance to make money, even their own deluded fans know this. Check out the first 1:40 minutes if this:

  4. Barcon


    21 Nov 2009
    Toronto via Failsworth
    Didn't Liverpool refuse to accept Arsenals bid for Suarez when they tried to trigger his release clause?
  5. Akiva


    5 May 2016
    That was what was originally reported in the media based on an interview with John Henry, who really doesn't know his ass from his elbow about football or the Premier League.

    Wenger later stated that Arsenal had put in a bid after the player had given verbal consent to join them, but no release clause existed at all.

    Liverpool extended Suarez, he stayed another year and made the move he always wanted to - Barca. The rest is history.

    Why is Alexis Sanchez potentially different?
    1. I'd say it's fair to suggest that his chances of signing an extension with Arsenal, particularly if Wenger stays, are slim.
    2. According to the rumours and insider info posted here, Sanchez may well have already agreed terms, conditions and wages with City.
    3. Arsenal have considerably more impetus to move on Sanchez if he doesn't extend, given he walks for free otherwise.
    4. Suarez never actually really intended to play anywhere other than La Liga and once the opportunity presented itself then John Henry couldn't do shit but maximise his profits.

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