Ditching Sky

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gaudion M, 31 May 2016.

  1. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Have you tried NowTV? It’s worth thinking how many games you actually watch and if it would be cheaper. I know it’s still Sky but there are deals to be done and I’ve saved hundreds already.
  2. gobsteruk


    14 May 2009
    I've held out a month now and they not budge from 40% off, after all the moaning from the wife and the 3 sprogs about recording and catch up I've resubscribed for another 12 months, but had to bin the sports off to get the price down to £46 p/m that's the box sets, and cinema HD and 1 extra multiroom box. I have a 14 day cooling off period so if there is a valck Friday deal that's better then I will call sky up again. I have streamed every football game that I have wanted to watch in HD anyway, so the sports channels won't be missed by myself.
  3. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    Just cancelled sports and movies as it went to £80. Will pay for City games, I don't go to, on Now TV. Bonus is my son can log in and watch at uni too. 12 months is £199 on Now for Black Friday for all Sports but I don't watch enough really.

    I've just signed up,for movies, 12 months £55 on Black Friday. Still available.
  4. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Yeah worth paying for what u want rather than a whole yr.
  5. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Our service has stopped today.
    We get to keep the base equipment for 3 months so ordinary tv remains fine and dandy.
    We also have our Amazon films and box sets.
    Therefore the chances of them starving us out before February is nil by mouth because we have enough stimuli to see out the harshest of winters.
    If Sky want to play a seige mentality card then so be it.We are dug in for the duration !

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  6. johnmc


    20 Jun 2007
    Manchester. Always will be.
    BT Black Friday deal with sports and the top BB and one multi room is £50 a month with £150 set up. Is BT any good for the normal channels? Also get a £100 pre paid MasterCard as well thrown in
  7. Armaan


    23 Oct 2009
    Was going to switch to bt sports a while back but chose not to because they didn’t offer HD sky sports at the time, no idea if that’s changed.
  8. meldrew


    12 Oct 2007
    Hattersley then Salford
    Can get people on mates rates if interested for virgin media and can get someone to call you back with best prices. Just send me an inbox.
  9. Bluemanc100


    26 Mar 2011
    Exiled in Hawarden
    Sky are about to announce some new prices... heard from an insider but not the exact detail. I imagine they must be feeling the pain because people are tightening their belts and leaving..

    I made a switch to BT Broadband (BB) this week as they offered a £10 discount per month on what I was paying for Sky BB plus gave me a minimum 50Mb speed (up~30Mb based on peak speeds) and gave me BT Sport for 18 months gratis

    I also told sky I was ditching the TV and they offered us without any push-back a new deal for 18 months where I keep my Sky "Q" 2Tb box with all channels including sport and movies for £39 a month (on an 18 month contract)

    I got off the phone thinking I should have said no but it's around £30 saving per month on what we paid in total, the BT BB is faster (guaranteed) and we get the BT Sport

    Happy Days ( I think) I have a 31 day cooling off period anyway so if the new bundles that Sky announce make mine a bad deal i'll cancel..
  10. Big_Alan


    7 Dec 2007
    I nearly switched to bt in April with multibox and sky sports until they told me I couldn' get the sports on more than one box because sky don' allow it...

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