Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

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  1. JASR


    1 Sep 2015

    Impossible to retrofit , but a screen like that would be nice.

    There’s loads of bowling cinema etc complexes in and around Manchester already (Stockport shortly gains RedRock) I think a bit more USP is required.
  2. BlueSkyBlue


    24 Feb 2012
    They are building a trampoline thingy-me-bob beside Decathlon/Asda......
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    Brightwells left peg

    16 Mar 2011
    Darwin, Aus
    It's an extension of the academy, designed specifically to practice dealing with time spent in the air before playing the rags.
  4. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
  5. Cheers. A PDF of 83 pages - quite a lot to go at. Have a lull at work (though it could be punctuated at any moment) so going to have a quick look through now.

    First little nugget - numbered point 1.7 on page 6:

    Since the March 2017 Executive work has also progressed with the Manchester Metropolitan University to develop a robust business case for the University to relocate and deliver its sports related undergraduate and postgraduate courses on the Etihad Campus. The University have now concluded that work and agreed to such a move. This report sets out those proposals in more detail.
  6. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    Thanks for posting. Is there more detail than the last document of this type? I can see from the download the location of the proposed sports university campus but is that new? I guess once the University campus is there it will bring the benefit of 24 x 7 footfall to the campus which will ensure the viability of the bars, hotels etc. In your estimation @jrb how many years is this away from fruition?
  7. The document reports the results of the consultation earlier in the year, which was completed in August, and details how the plans have been taken forward since then. I had a quick read through based on which I'd highlight the following, focusing on the Etihad Campus alone:

    1. The Campus is going to be expanded to the west of the current boundary between Ashton New Road and the River Medloock, i.e. the area currently in and around the Edwin Road Industrial estate. The Council has commenced discussions with landowners and businesses in this area with a view to acquiring their interests. Such discussions will seek to encourage affected businesses to relocate within east Manchester.

    2. The above land together with land on the Campus as currently constituted, centred to the north and south of the Ashton Canal to the north west of the Etihad Stadium, adjacent to the existing Regional Athletics Centre, the indoor training centre, the Squash Centre and the Tennis Centre, will house a Sport and Innovation zone. This will be anchored by the proposed Manchester Metropolitan University Sports Institute, a higher education institution that "will be a global leading facility that promotes leading research, development and innovation in the world of sport, attracting the best academic, graduate and post-graduate talent."

    3. The new part of the Sport and Innovation zone will house higher education and support facilities, including offices, labs, lecture theatres and training space and accommodation for over 3,000 students.

    4. However, we're still at a stage where there's a need for a continuation of "detailed discussions with Manchester Metropolitan University about the development of a robust business case for the establishment of a world class facility at the Etihad Campus", so it'll be a little while, I guess, before any more specific plans come forward.

    5. The land to the east of the Etihad Stadium from the Bradford Road Gasholder in the north and southwards to Ashton New Road and the land to the west of the stadium between the athletics arena and Ashton New Road is now referred to as the Etihad Campus Commercial Zone (the search function identified one usage of the term 'collar site' in the entire document). The idea is to build a "sports, leisure and recreation economic cluster" by way of creating "a significant new mixed-use quarter that builds on the sports and higher education ambitions for the area". There's specific mention of "hotels, retail (including specialist sports retail), food and beverage and associated car parking", with a suggestion that the latter may be multi-storey in nature.

    6. The site "could accommodate circa 2 million square feet of new development" and aims to be a "destination where residents and visitors will come to spend their time on leisure related activities".

    7. The 'Ambitions' section of the document does refer to "destination leisure and tourism attractions [note - plural] at the Etihad Campus". Moreover, the same bold language as before continues to be used, suggesting that there a big hopes for the site - eventually! We have references to: "internationally distinctive in content and scale"; "an exciting experience that caters for all, including families, underpinned by a unique vision"; "mix of world-class content that will animate the site throughout the day and night-time, year-round"; and "the Etihad Campus’ role as a destination of national and international significance".

    So it's not new, exactly, but there's a lot more detail than previously about the university. That's obviously intended to be the driver of further commercial development - having more and more people on site every day. I was very excited by versions of the Eastlands Regeneration Framework produced years ago, but this maybe sounds a little more sustainable and anchored in reality.

    Anyone else is welcome to add to the above. This is just what struck me but it was a scan read and I could have missed plenty or failed to put things in the appropriate context.
  8. Manc in London

    Manc in London

    6 Aug 2008
    Easy. Just move the Tunnel Club members. I am sure they won't mind ;)
  9. Wilmslow Road

    Wilmslow Road

    20 Oct 2010
    Great news, many thanks but Metrolink will still be shit.
  10. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    Good summary thanks. I guess the next stage will be the business case for the University sports institute. That seems to be the key initiative that will generate the more commercial investment. It sounds like a 5 year period to get this on the ground.

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