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  1. Sometimes occationaly spell check apears automatically as if by magic.
    But most of the time it is absent.

    My composition and syntax improves by the hour but my spelling remains attrocious.
    If I look at a word I can see its wrong and I have to play with it until my minds eye is comfortable.
    My question is how do I make spellcheck a constant part of my Moonwalking adventures.
    Spelling can ruin a post.
  2. stony


    19 Jul 2005
    Use chrome, it has a built in spellchecker.
  3. Thank you @Stony.This is why my Moon sessions sometime incorporated spellcheck and at other times did not.
    I usually alternate browsers with chrome and Firefox showing preference to the latter.
    Mystery solved and I shall go henceforth and misspell no more.
    The futures bright the futures Chrome.
  4. ColinLee


    3 Sep 2012
    The Blue side of the moon.
    If you want to continue with Firefox you need to add a (British) English spellchecker manually, no idea why Mozilla think this is a good idea as I'm certain it wasn't always the case.

    Try https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/british-english-dictionary-2/ it's just clicking 2 buttons so there's nothing techy about it.

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