The Cutter up for award. Please vote.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Lucky Toma, 27 Apr 2012.

  1. Mods, please move/remove as you see fit. I didnt know which section to put this in.

    The website that I run - the Daisy Cutter - is up for an FSF Award and needs votes in order for me to have a slap-up meal at the Conaught Hotel in London in July.

    Here is the link <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... s-2012.php</a> but the best way to quickly vote is to click here <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 2-faqs.php</a> then click on the e-mail link near the top.

    The Cutter started out on Blue Moon and wouldn't have got off the ground without Ric and the mods and the unbelievable support of you guys.
    Though it's now a general football site it was - and will always be - a City site at heart.
    (Apart from the Gary Neville piece that's up today)
  2. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    Voting for you mate. It's a great site.
  3. Ta Damo, appreciate that mate. If I win I'm going to invite the face of Daisy Natalie Pike to the awards do so that's incentive enough for people to click - seeing Nat politely decline the offer and me babble 'Yeah, course, I understand. You're busy. That's cool. Just thought I'd ask'.
  4. Ric


    22 May 2004
    Good luck mate, although it looks like voting doesn't start until May 25th? It's only at the nomination stage at the moment I think.
  5. Oh, Steve. Rule number 1: proof read everything before hitting 'send' . . .
  6. Ric


    22 May 2004
    At least it buys Natalie Pike a few more weeks to get her alibi sorted before gently letting him down ;)
  7. Careful what you wish for, Ric. Toma has already bought the Viagara and may ask you to glam up in drag and join him as his replacement date instead.
    "Honest, I asked them for a twin room, I didn't realise there'd only be the one bed"....
  8. I told you my cunning plan in confidence! Ric will look ace in the blonde wig I've bought for him.

    As for the nominations - my bad. People voted for the Cutter and let me know so I assumed it was at a more advanced level. But fuck it, nominate anyway....the Cutter is brilliant!
  9. The big question is whether you will be asking Melanie or Ric to dress up in a green tracksuit . . .
  10. I'm saving that for myself mate as I go up to recieve the award.

    It's often the loves you've lost that inspire you the most so she deserves that as a fitting tribute.

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