The ''How The Hell Did We Lose That Game'' thread (26 years ago today..)

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  1. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    Went on a supporters club coach as a 14 year old kid. There seemed an inevitability about them scoring after all the chances we missed and even after they scored in the last minute we went up the other ebd and hit the woodwork. Those were the days when reaching the fifth round of the cup felt like a prolonged cup run.
  2. shemnel


    21 Dec 2013
    crikey, i remember this, did we hit the woodwork 5 times?

    also, notes on days gone by:

    1. The pathetic wall/organisation for the free kick on about 35 secs in
    2. The 2 footed lunge on the goal keeper that went without even comment, never-mind freekick, on about 1.06
  3. adr2.8i


    18 Aug 2012
    Father, Lover, and Buffoon
    thanks for the upload! was a couple of years before i was a fan that.

    great to see jam packed crumbling terraces! was probably only £2 to get in in them days!?!
  4. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    Have to agree that this one hurt a lot. I said the other week that the Tottenham home QF in 1993 was a killer but thinking about it, this game ran it pretty close. I reckon a big part of that is that it was my first year as a season ticket holder and my first season following City away too. Managed to do loads of away games including all the FA Cup games and following the wins at Burnley and Port Vale in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively it's fair to say I was gripped by FA Cup fever. I remember in the week leading up to the match that Warnock was in the paper saying that our front 3 of White, Quinn, and Allen "scared him to death". Come the morning of the tie, there were doubts about whether the game would go ahead. The country had been gripped by heavy snowfall a week or so earlier and much of it hadn't cleared in Nottingham. I was due to travel on the special with a couple of mates and was round at their house waiting for them to confirm on the radio whether the match was going ahead before setting off for town to get the train. When it was confirmed as being on, the 3 of us were cheering almost as much as we would if we'd won the match!

    Watching those highlights again, I can't believe how many chances we had - I remember the attempts that hit the woodwork but a lot of those other chances in the first half have pretty much passed me by. As for the winner, Lund almost put the fucker wide!
  5. Barry Conlons wig

    Barry Conlons wig

    18 Aug 2008
    still on cloud 9
    Middlesboro in 2003 didn't have one shot on target all game, we peppered their goal and they win 1-0 UNBELIEVABLE
  6. Bozo


    20 Jul 2007
    Head Lecturer at the Clown College of Manchester
    Forgot about this game, typical City. Sun Jihai praying for a goal cracks me right up.
  7. Lovebitesandeveryfing


    28 Oct 2013
    grammar policeman
    Trumann's For Steel
    Now that is sadism. But to be fair, as others have noted, Notts County had their chances.
    Not a cup game, but Sunderland away in 2011-12, anyone?
    That could've cost us… I don't even like to say it (shivers)
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  8. Lots of lunges/tackles with no response from the player tackled. I miss that in the modern game more than anything else, I think.
  9. willipp


    13 May 2011
    My first ever away game this was, very nearly my last as I was distraught. Was in the notts county end as well in the shitty terrace behind the goal. Horrible day.
  10. ccr


    7 Mar 2011
    Red Red Whine goes to my head
    Losing to QPR in that last game of the season. I left early, never been again. How are they doing these days.

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