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  1. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    These are my thoughts. If we continue with this momentum and purpose then we can be in a situation where we are ahead by Christmas. Psychology the other teams might accept defeat by this stage and we can romp to the title. However we cannot be complacent. If we drop points this weekend then all of a sudden we will look vulnerable. That's how delicately balanced these things are. One game at a time I suppose.
  2. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
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    oh please do fuck off
    Be even better if they're in second spot and we're 19 points ahead. They have to applaud us onto the pitch
  3. GortonBlue62


    26 Nov 2015
    I'd love that. We could rest players for the Champions League final.
  4. Jordie


    26 Jul 2009
    In the corner of the morning in the past
    Ha ha, getting a bit ahead of ourselves here.

    Love it though.
  5. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    Well, I'm bemused.

    All week we heard nothing but 'United are going to turn Liverpool over' from punditland. Today for the most part they have rightly been ripped to shreds, but when their tame hacks have popped their heads up it has been a lot of 'Anfield is a tough place to go, a point is a very good result.' And they are right - it's one point more than a defeat generates. Which is why over the course of a season taking the same approach to every away game amongst the top 6 virtually guarantees throwing 10 points away.

    We might not win, or even draw, at Anfield, but we will get more than 5 points from our 5 games away at the other top 6 clubs. (We have three already). Mourinho isn't even planning to get more than 5. That seems to me to be the flaw in Mourinho's plan. That and the fact that they need one more point than us to win the league because they won't win it on goal difference.

    Anyway, to the updated mini league. These are the results so far amongst the mini league

    Spurs 1 v 2 Chelsea
    Liverpool 4 v 0 Arsenal
    City 5 v 0 Liverpool
    Chelsea 0 v 0 Arsenal
    Chelsea 0 v 1 City
    Liverpool 0 v 0 Rags

    These then are the standings:

    1 City played 2 points 6
    2 Chelsea played 3 points 4
    2 Liverpool played 3 points 4
    4 Arsenal played 2 points 1
    5. Rags played 1 points 1
    6. Spurs played 1 points 0

    Think the next top 6 clash (sorry any lurking Watford fans, but you know what I mean) is Rags/Spurs. Spurs have a good away record - I'd expect another draw TBH.
  6. Tricky_Trev


    17 Jan 2009
    Rags joint bottom.
  7. cyan


    26 Aug 2015
    You don't have to beat your rivals if they also take points off each other and steamroller everyone else - it was United's tactics in 08-09. The top four that year were United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal. The only win they had against the top four was at home to Chelsea, otherwise they lost both Liverpool games and drew and lost against Arsenal. But they hammered everyone else whilst Arenal and Liverpool draw both their matches, Chelsea and Arsenal each won the away match and Chelsea lost both Liverpool matches. Liverpool on the other hands strolled the top four (and top six) mini league but drew against too many of the middling clubs - they only lost 2 matches all season (united lost 4) but they drew 11.

    Mini League
    Liverpool 14pts
    Arsenal 6pts
    United 5pts
    Chelsea 4 its

  8. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    True, but in most years the results of the top teams as against each other goes a long way towards determining where the title ends up. Season 11/12 is perhaps the starkest example of that, bearing in mind that the League was ultimately won on goal difference
  9. cyan


    26 Aug 2015
    Also true, Yet in 2014 - Chelsea won the top 6 mini league - with 23 points to our 19 and Liverpools 16 - they lost points at mid-table teams like Palace, Stoke, Newcastle and United. Beating rivals is important - but wasted if you lose elsewhere.
  10. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    in goal
    Liverpool go to Spurs next Sunday the 22nd. Spurs then go to the swamp the week after.

    Sunday 5th of November however is when we host Arsenal and Chelsea host the rags. My guess on the top 6 mini league after 5th November:

    1. City played 3 points 9
    2. Chelsea played 4 points 7
    3. Spurs played 3 points 4
    4. Liverpool played 4 points 4
    5. Rags played 3 points 2
    6. Arsenal played 3 points 1

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