Who do you want promoted from the Championship?

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    So then; by your reasoning, clubs like Burton, or Bournemouth, shouldn't really be in the PL as their grounds (and consequently, their fanbase) isn't large enough. Is that a fair summing up of your position; I don't want to misinterpret what you're saying. And I do honestly see where you're coming from. I just see it as a flawed argument, on the basis that if a player is turning out for a "small club", he is less deserving of a place in the PL than, say, a player at L***s, Wednesday, Wolves, Villa, Brum etc etc, regardless of how those respective sides perform on the pitch. I guess we won't agree on this, so I'll withdraw from the thread.
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    I think all three would play the right way...

    Don't like Geordie fans, they are not far off the Bin dippers in entitlement

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