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    Carabao Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg

    1 x Adult , 1x under 18 spare selling both together , face value obviously. East level 1 : Entrance K : Row E £50 for the pair Collection Ashton Area
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    Tottenham (H)

    Got one available , east stand , level 1 , block 105 , row D , half way line , face value £40 , meet at ground , pm if interested , on way to ground now
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    Chelsea (H)

    1 adult east stand block 106 halfway line : 4 rows up still available, meet at ground
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    Chelsea (H)

    1 adult for sale : east stand : level 1 : block 106 : 4 rows up, halfway line £50 quid. Still available
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    Huddersfield (H)

    Very late I know, but got one for east stand , lower tier , block 105 , half way line , 4 rows up. Pm if needed or reply I’m in the Tameside area. SOLD
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    Swansea Home

    1 ticket East stand , level 1, 105 , Row D , halfway line. £35 Pm if interested.
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    Chelsea home

    Still available Gone
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    Chelsea home

    Got 1 spare for tomorrow. East stand ,Level 1, Row D , half way line , Think face value is £50 quid. Pm if wanted.
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    Leicester (H) 13/5/17 Ticket(s) Available

    1 Adult ticket available for today , East Stand level 1 Collection from Stalybridge
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    villa home tickets

    1 adult ticket for tomorrow , Colin bell lower , decent seat. I'm not going tomorrow so it's going Free of charge To the first blue to message. Collection from Stalybridge in the morning around 9:30am Ticket Gone
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    The Carlos Tevez Thread (Merged)

    Re: Would you like Carlos to stay? Sums it up for me . last 2 games we have played awsome football and its no fluke that its been with tevez in the team .
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    haha Quality , Free champers as well , mind is was deffo a special occasion. The missus and i went to shambles after , had a thirst for the different beers they have ,, then onto Rajdoot for a indian ,, the food there is awsome. anyway all in all one of the best days ever. FA cup winners 2011 ...
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    Aye mate i remember you's , think your mate passed me with a bucket of beer with a gleefull look on his face . I was right in front of the doors with my lady , grey top on . all that wait for a cup and we've finally done it , the feeling is mustard.
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    Norwegian Blue, us them and `vive le difference`

    Was in there too with the wife , the atmosphere was class , really rocking . Loved the 35 years song which kept being belted out . Bomber was you too the left as you come in near the doors , about 3 or 4 of you ? I remember them all huggin at the end . Brilliant day lads , one to remember.
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    Post Match Reaction Thread (Please post in here)

    Re: Richards Thought he defended really well today along with komps and lescot , weak link today was kolorov .
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