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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media Thank you ‘Ian’ you ‘Herbert’ for posting this, your bitterness has put a huge smile on my face knowing that you are still clinging to a rock and your fingers are slipping...
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    Who can replace Leroy Sane?

    Naci Ünüvar young player who is about to break out. Not a like for like for Sane, but will come inside from the left, Very capable of assisting and goals. Good in 1 v 1, can dribble with good balance. Against pack defences which we come up against he is ideal with his clever passes. Uses both...
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    Jeremiah St.Juste

    A young Jeremiah St. Juste was substituted for Heerenveen In September 2016 by a young City Loanee Shay Facey making his debut for Heerenveen. Facey started the next game but was sent off and with injuries also following this, Facey left the club. A 19 yr old St. Juste cemented his place with...
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    Kompany rejects becoming no 2 to Guardiola

    Surprised really he hasn’t jumped at the chance but he obviously has his reasons. Probably get to hear why in the weeks to come.
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    Kompany rejects becoming no 2 to Guardiola

    As the subject title say’s. Reports suggest Guardiola / City had offered Komps the opportunity to replace Arteta. Kompany wants to stay with Anderlect. Has a triple role there and investment...
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    Summer Transfers

    Yes, Dembele, has a big ? over him at the moment. I think clubs would prefer a loan with a view to an agreed fee if it works out, much like Barca did with Coutinho to Bayern.
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    Summer Transfers

    Guedes would cost around £9m so a chance worth taking. This is what is being bandied around as Athletico MG in Brazil want him back but can’t afford this apparently. 23 years of age. No links with City though, just a player who would be worth a gamble and may link up well with Jesus in the long...
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    Summer Transfers

    I like Brazilian Roger Guedes @ Shandong Luneng. Can play LW, RW, CF even AM. Was top scorer in Brazil’s Serie A When he left for China. Still banging in goals at a decent rate. 2 years left on his contract. Earns equivalent of £70,000 a week, so wages affordable. Normally I would be hesitant...
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    Gareth Taylor - new manager of women’s team / Jill Scott

    Has been doing a great job with the U-18’s disappointed he has not moved up to the U-23’s. Women’s gain is a loss for our youth players. I Prefer youth football over women’s hence my feelings on this. Await with interest who will lead the youth teams for the new season.
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    Who’s gone in the summer?

    Those who believe Claudio Bravo is leaving. This could be a bit premature, there is a chance he could be reprieved with a new contract.
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    Our next assistant manager - Juanma Lillo appointment confirmed (p 29)

    Never looked at it that way. Was thinking the bin dippers would hate the thought of Alonso at City. So long as he doesn’t get all soft for Liverpool when we meet them if he does become Peps assistant.
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    Our next assistant manager - Juanma Lillo appointment confirmed (p 29)

    I have noticed the Spanish press this week have ramped up the idea that Xabi Alonso is Pep’s choice going into the new season. I think this may happen.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    TBH my neighbours across from me about 70+ go out in their car everyday no exaggeration sometimes more than once. Go out like clockwork. Then they go for a walk.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Businesses are forcing staff back, otherwise I think we would stay home.
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    Cousin being stalked

    You have his cousins knickers and now you want her pic. I guess you are not called @TINY for nothing just like his cousin was informed. Now you stalking her cousin @dronefromsector7G. ;-)