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    One man war

    Is there a way of hiding Canadians, I dont mean the shite they post I mean them, they really do my tree in.
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    joke thread....

    You only need to check half of the previous page, (preferably the bottom half but hey) if it has not been posted in that time there is no problem.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Is that the 'We've won the Asterisk League Dance ? Three steps forward whilst waving your arms in the air, 4 steps back shouting something but with your arms by your side and repeat until mummy says it is bed time ?
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    joke thread....

    @jimharri, I tried to stay away, honestly I did, I said to myself that it was not my job to police this thread and highlight shit jokes. Even when you prompted me last night I stayed silent but this is too much. @DazWA9 If you are going to nick a 'joke' from twitter or similar and pretend it...
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    Jordan Henderson wins FWA Footballer of the Year

    Is that what his sister in law was called ? am I being clarkied here ?
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    United thread 2019/20

    DeGea kicks it long to Pogba he knocks it on into the area for VAR, penalty united.
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    Anyone else suffer with this ?

    But how do you know,if your dead I mean. Sometimes, well often, I have no thoughts, but that is more to do with alcohol than being dead, but if I listened to your reasoning, I would think i was dead and therefore I might actually die..... If I did could I sue you ? I know a very good small...
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    Anyone else suffer with this ?

    ah that might well be the reason I never actually get to Dumfries then, bloody Google maps.
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    Anyone else suffer with this ?

    I don't think Sutcliffe killed any binmen or do you mean those bastards that dig the road up. I'd kill them, a month after the council get rid of the pot holes and re-lay the road, along come the gas/water/lecy lot and dig it all up again. Bastards. I say well done Sutcliffe.
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    Anyone else suffer with this ?

    These random images, are they about killing people, with an axe, whilst you are riding a motorbike, along the A374 towards Dumfries and its raining ? No ! Just me then.
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    The death of VAR

    @old blue You are correct in saying one overturned but in truth definitely two should have been and there is some argument to say all 3. Even if we stick at 2 so we don't argue. Fatty Moss gives 2 penalties to The Rags both of which were clear deception by the Rag player. That has to tell you...
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    Leeds United Thread 2019/20

    They beat Sjoke 5-0. anyone that does that deserves all the plaudits anyone and everyone can give them.
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    Premier League finances

    We do but we would still like to see them squirm as they try not to answer it. I would also like to know why debt is acceptable. Covid has shown how quickly things can change financially and yet the powers that be do not seem to mind the Rags are hocked up to their eyeballs. I accept all/most...
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    United thread 2019/20

    Corruption does not have to involve money or Asian betting syndicates, it can simply be looking the other way when someone else is acting in a corrupt manner and refusing to 'dob' your mate in. Take Fatty Moss (FM) and the VAR ref. At Spurs FM gave a very dubious first pen, VAR looked at it and...
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    United thread 2019/20

    So how exactly will they challenge ? If you dont think they will win it then you cant see them as challengers.
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