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    Energy companies and direct debits

    The email doesn't say a lot apart from they will be in touch later with more details. It is more of a introduction.
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    Energy companies and direct debits

    We were with Avro just been switched to octopus by offgen
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    Just watched the show and the keyboards and drums are high in the mix
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    There old grey whistle new years eve show from Glasgow is on the iPlayer now. Debbie and bagpipes
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    Fans holding up "Please Give Me Your Shirt" placards

    They could always buy a Brechin match worn shirt to help them out
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    Burnley at home 16th Oct

    They are on sale now you will have to sign up to get a supporter number ( free) then pick your seats. It should not move because the tv games have been picked for October.
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    Women's Team - 2021/22

    Man City Women v Real Madrid: Parking for this evening’s fixture is available on our Blue car park
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    Ederson and Jesus cleared to play (Pg 63)

    More international's in October and November so I can see it kicking off
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    NC500 - Scotland road trip

    Have you thought about driving to Fort Augustus and driving back to Dornoch via buauly.
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    New Kitchen advice

    Go into Howdens and they normally have a notice board with kitchen fitters trade card's. Take a photo and phone a few.
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    Harry Kane

    I have heard that he wants the number 9 shirt and he has already registered K9 as his new brand.
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    Northern Soul- Sssshhhh.... Keep it to yourself is the best place to check band's and singer's out.
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    Car Parking Season Tickets

    It's not just any pie it's a jerk chicken pie and £4.50 for a pasty (£7 if you want chips with it)
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    British plates and European speed cameras..................

    Bikes don't have number plates ¿¿????????
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    Bob Dylan

    Don't forget Jimmy Page and his 13 year old girlfriend
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