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    Gabriel Jesus | The Athletic - £45m agreement reached with Arsenal

    The good guys always do! If he keeps his head down and his mouth closed on any negativity, he will be greeted warmly by ALL REAL Blues! Question is, how many does he score against us?! Always seems to happen!
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    Gabriel Jesus | The Athletic - £45m agreement reached with Arsenal

    If you had asked me would I trade Philips for Jesus, I’d have taken your hand off! Trading out of a foreign slot into a British player, too! Been a very good business summer so far. Sell Steffen for a few quid and buy Brighton LB and we are done!
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    Ferran Soriano Interview

    After listening to that, I get the feeling he is a disengaged, distant, and uninterested CEO who is just in it for the money! He doesn’t know details he should know, he doesn’t understand the business, and doesn’t understand the needs of the halo club, let alone the CFG. Oh wait…his knowledge...
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    Tippy Tappy football

    Went there “back in the day,” too. However, my “back in the day” was late 60s, and the only names I remember were Alfonso Buller (played footie with him) and a girl called Catherine Ugwu who I say next to and had spectacular hair!
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    What famous fans do we have?

    Gordon Brown’s son, Fraser! :-)
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    Raheem Sterling

    It’ll be his first worldie ever!
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    Raheem Sterling

    Sterling going nowhere and will see out his contract. His last big pay day will come from a Free Transfer, because no-one will pay for him this year, and City won’t stump up top, top pay for him for another big contract.
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    Favourite bespectacled lady

    Oh deary me…YES!!! Had no idea she’d been a Bond Girl, and it shows my age that shes 73 now!!!
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    Favourite bespectacled lady

    Reporter from Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” did it for me as a kid! Have always liked a girl in specs!!! Clip from the YouTube video, which can be found @
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    The FTSE

    No offence taken! :-) Given the price of shares of companies I DO own, TSLA might have been a better option! ;-)
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    The FTSE

    Goes uphill fast and downhill fast, just like the share price!
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    The European Kings of Debt

    You’ll have to take it up with Deloitte. As a global accounting firm with a reputation to protect, I’d imagine they checked their numbers and they’re apples to apples comparisons. But, who knows, maybe you know their data better than them?!
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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    Sometimes, as you have seen, it is better to know the answer to the question before publicly posing it, lest you grab the wrong end of the stick! It is clear Pep plays Bernardo in at least two distinct ways: - Attacking/creative/false nine - Second deep lying midfielder bringing the ball out...
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    Lady of Heaven

    Interest Semi-Interesting footnote…saw them filming the (W)Roman parts in Tunisia while vacationing there. Sadly, didn’t see any of the Python stars.
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    Apology to the club

    Funny stuff! Don’t have one, but I could have winged him with a 9mm and he would back at the Etihad by the start of next season AND it would cost a lot less money!!
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