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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    Thank fuck we have left this abomination of a proposal. I do not have to make good my threat of never watching City, ever again.
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    Women's Team 2020/21

    Oh yeah.....I saw that, and thought exactly the same thing....."with the money they've spent".....pot and fuckin' keckle again, man or woman, boy or girl.....a rag is a ferkin rag, clueless, and otherworldly, in their own lickle bubble. Fuck 'em. Although they do have a good left back....and...
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    Tony’s Stadium Chippy

    Had a lovely fish dinner from Tony's today......the mushy peas are just processed though. Lazy bastards.
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    Women's Team 2020/21

    MCWFC 3-0 Ragesses
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    Your injuries for the City cause

    Blew me nose too hard in CBL3 and had a nosebleed. Had my little finger broken by a copper, when chucked out, against Oldham away. Jibbed back in though. Foot trod on by police horse, Arsenal away, that hurt.
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    Colin Bell RIP - Ian Cheeseman interview with Jon Bell (P142)

    Not read any of the posts, maybe another time. Suffice to say, my thoughts and prayers are with the Bell family at this awful time. My favourite player of all time, gutted.
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    City v West Ham at Vue cinemas

    So that's a bowl of soup, and 8 pints then.........sorted.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Listen, I am not disagreeing with you, one iota....that is a good analogy.....peter reid....I awas just trying to see where he was coming from. And for the life of me.....I can't.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Was gonna go into how he picked Ferny, and Gundogan, and Walker, and no Silvas, and no Foden, but CBA, it was that obvious....that is why I said why, why why........I dunno, maybe he just overthought it, maybe he is that intense, he just thinks he is right....I dunno.....he obs got it wrong...
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    21 years ago....we got beat by Stockport fucking County at home.....I think that was the lowest feeling I have ever experienced as a City fan.....wasn't at York I will take this loss on the chin(still angry though), and trust in Pep to deliver us the Holy Grail. (we've gotta beat all...
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    I find it hard to argue against any of your points. The writing was on the fucking wall.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Looking for a score....or a misshit deflection....that didn't come off.....anyway...I would have done the slight on KdB.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    D'ya think? The evidence says not.....I always liked him when he played for us(when he was a kid).....Sunderland, he was a fish out of water......fuck me, if I was at Sunderland.....I would be comical too. Getting battered, and swamped with his shit team mates.....glad someone saw the diamond...
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Correct, Millwall.......and we play Ferny.....who turns slower than the Queen Mary.....FFS.....and Kyle Walker who is a well known Bottler...who reverts to hoofing it......absolute fucking joke. I think Pep will stay though....and this is his "get your hands in your pocket" sign to the...
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