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    Divide & Conquer

    There isn't another club in the world who wouldn't have Pep as manager. He might not win 'em as much as he has with City but, by crikey, the football would improve.
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    No buses to Etihad tonight

    'Cos it's at The Etihad and not The Swamp.
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    If we all manage to get in weds v Leipzig…

    The issue is now moving from 'Are we gonna get in?' to 'Are we gonna get out of this fuckin' car park?' It took me an hour and twenty to get home - 11 miles as Greasy Jack flies - and half of that was stationary behind one of the tents. I got tested for Covid twenty times whilst I waited - ten...
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    Champions League Games 14/15 September

    Yer do - as soon as one of our players is nearer than five yards it's a foul!
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    Champions League Games 14/15 September

    !4 fouls to 3. MANUre only commit three fouls in ninety fuckin' minutes. Was Taylor reffin'?
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    Champions League Games 14/15 September

    i'm gonna risk a jinx - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The best result of the week! I jinxed the Ragamuffins - texted my ERO and told him to cue FakeRon knocking in on 90+6!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Think that's still there as Jessie Weasel likes a dollop 'o custard on his chips.
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    If we all manage to get in weds v Leipzig…

    I was one o' them before we had mobile tickets. Not just one of 'em, but a FO one of them from CBL3!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    The DT excelled themselves today with what I suspect was a world exclusive - solely on the basis that no one else would give a porcupine's fart for the info. In the process, they manage to shove Raducanu's monumental effort over to the left on the first page of the sports section by a column...
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    Email from City about ticket frustrations

    I got a free drink at the MCWFC game on Sunday and the free drink was soon forgotten as the second half got underway!!
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    Applauding opposition goals

    The only appropriate comment about any opposition goal would be 'Fuck off, yer fuckin' bastard'!
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    Demba Ba announces his retirement

    For some rather obscure reason I thoroughly enjoyed that replay!
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    A Passing Thought About Non-Bluemooners

    Never mind tickets that have got lost in the ether, black holes, computer scrublands - how many minds have got lost over the years. I lost mine on 86 mins of the women's match on Sunday - turned up again by the time I got to Blue Car park. It's an MCFC hazard!
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    If we all manage to get in weds v Leipzig…

    Yer don't need to, b, I've arranged for it to go pinging round those advertising hoardings and I paid a little extra to have one of those balls bouncing over the top of the words.
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    If we all manage to get in weds v Leipzig…

    Nobody could fail to get the gist of the ditty - not even the deaf mutes in Customer Services. I got a message from my bank the other day. Could I call and confirm the email and mobile number, which they already have? Anyway, I gave them a tinkle and it was the usual "our lines are busy and...
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