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    What car do you drive?

    I drive a Audi A8 amazing car and pretty quick for a barge plus got a Ninja 1000sx for those dry days when I can escape work and family commitments
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    COVID Passports Info | Random Spot Checks

    This is all wrong! Vaccinated or not everyone should provide a negative test. Vaccines don’t make you immune from covid and only reduce the chances of you dying or being seriously ill and certainly not at the percentages the government says it does!
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    Ticket Prices

    I guess in the clubs eyes it’s value for money. They have the best brand of football in the league. All clubs charge what they think they can get away with and unfortunately the wealthier fan will spend more on food, drink and merchandise. It’s tough on the loyal blues who have been priced out...
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    Survey re yesterday

    Even the city players had to scan their phones on the way in yesterday
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    COVID Passports Info | Random Spot Checks

    Is this correct as I was told today by city that a passport or negative test is still required
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    Together - City+ Documentary

    To be fair to customer services, I phoned Monday and my call was answered within a minute or two. I booked tickets for the tunnel club and couldn’t have been easier and really helpful
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    Electric cars

    Electric cars are really not that green. We are having to open new mines to obtain the tin, lithium etc needed for the batteries plus the extra power stations to charge them. The batteries are very hard to recycle and the amount of energy needed to do adds massively to their carbon footprint...
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    Climate Change is here and man made

    We are really pissing in the wind with electric vehicles. Whilst we all know how bad fossil fuel devouring cars are isn’t it about time the government and motor industry came clean about electric powered cars? These vehicles are not clean and are potentially bloody dangerous if you happen to...
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    Tunnel Club Criteria

    All booked for this Saturday carnt wait!
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Buy him a Utd shirt for Xmas
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    Climate Change is here and man made

    Some fantastic views in here. Electric cars are not the answer. Apparently we need to open lots new mines and older ones to mine the tin and lithium the batteries need. We will need lots of new power stations which even constructing these will be a massive polluting event before they even come...
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    Tunnel Club Criteria

    Viagogo advertising around £650 each I haven’t been for years to the Etihad as it held too many sad memories. I took my dad and son who wasn’t even 2 at the time to see city and unfortunately my dad died 7 weeks later I still go to see city at West Ham as I have a few mates who are season...
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    Tunnel Club Criteria

    A good friend is having a surprise belated birthday which is a great excuse for me to catch a match I am planning on taking my 10 year old son to the match and will probably go for the tunnel club or something similar Are there any restrictions on kids and do you have to be vaccinated as I...
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    Harry Kane

    Haaland for me pay £100 million now and loan him back until next year as he doesn’t want to leave just yet! next year will be a crazy auction with most of the money going to his agent and his wages will be £500k a week
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