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    Media Thread 2020/21

    I remember Townsend shouting “Get in” when Sergio completed his hat-trick against the German rags a few years ago, so he always gets well received by me, and Guy Mowbray loves us. His bio says he’s a York City fan, but he could pass for a Blue!
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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Yup, sums it up. He needs a confidence boost right now. Won’t get a much better chance than that to be honest. Clean through, no pressure cos the game’s dead, cue a dreadful heavy touch leading to hesitation and the inevitable cut inside straight into a defender. Needs to just clear his head of...
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    Borussia Dortmund - CL QF (A) | Man of the Match

    Foden majestic, Mr Whippy superb, Mahrez quality, but oh lordy Lord the pale Pele! The best player in the world
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    Borussia Dortmund (A) - CL QF | Pre-Match Thread

    You absolute fucker! Had me completely, I was raging!
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Us doing it again in 2014. Weren’t Liverpool 8 points in front at one point....or have I completely imagined that?
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    United thread 2020/21

    They’ll win every game they’ve got left. They’re big, strong and quick. Made mincemeat of Spurs today. Up to us to win 3 and draw 1 of our last 6. Should do it, but if we leave all our best players out again like we did yesterday, we’ll just heap pressure on ourselves
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Rags win their games in hand and it’s an 8 point lead with 6 games left, an advantage that’s twice been overturned in the last 9 years. 27 chances to score is an utterly misleading stat, given that it included the usual glut of pointlessly optimistic 25 yard wafters from Sterling and a similar...
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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Different players doing different jobs, so any real comparison is going to be pretty arbitrary. Both generally very effective in terms of what they contribute to their respective teams. You want me to pick the more accomplished baller of the two (based on this season), I’d say Grealish
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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    I’m sure the usual suspects will be along shortly to tell us he’s “world class”, but he just isn’t. Powderpuff shots from 25 yards that ended up in Row YY, dribbles where he ends up losing control and stumbling into a defender, passes under an overlapping player’s feet, a mis-hit shot out of his...
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    João Cancelo - 2020/21 Performances

    Awful today from start to finish
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Disagree completely. The players produced exactly the performance I thought they would when I saw the team sheet. We’ve seen him rest too many key personnel before (Cheltenham in the cup being a good example). Taking out your 4 most creative players, which quartet also included our 3 best...
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    Leeds United (H) | Man of the Match

    Stones by a mile, albeit that he should have brought Dallas down at the end. The two people voting for Sterling have got to be taking the fucking piss
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Seen it before from Pep several times. Remove too many key personnel and then act surprised when the toothless replacements fail to deliver. Utter complacency. That today has just created a completely unnecessary layer of pressure for us, cos I guarantee you the rags will win at Spurs tomorrow...
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    Leeds (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Hard to see where the creativity and goals are gonna come from with that team
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