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    Best concert you've ever attended...

    Just watched it on You Tube It made me weep as well
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    Rugby League thread

    Oh for the days of Carroll and Harrigan. Beating up Queenslanders then beating up each other. Proper sport
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    Season Tickets 2021/22

    Just renewed my season ticket. Felt fantastic to know I'll soon be going back to games
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    People who don't know how to use bus lanes. There are so many on the roads who haven't a clue, surely the examiners should be failing them when they take their test. I heard somebody on the TV earlier say that she was 'super excited' about something she was doing. WHAT THE F**K DOES THAT MEAN...
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    Worst guitar solo.

    Very clever and funny, but he always sounds like that to me
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    Rugby League thread

    50 - 6 is a hell of a statement away from home, but you're right about them having to go on and win the series. I picked them as my team years ago just because they play in light blue, but I have been pleased that there is more to my attachment than just shirt colour. They have also been the...
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    Rugby League thread

    Just a quick bump to remind anyone that's interested, the State of Origin series starts tomorrow. I think it's on about 10:00am on Sky
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    England vs Romania | Sunday 6th June 2021

    Nicked it from Baldricks German Guns poem
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    England vs Romania | Sunday 6th June 2021

    Henderson < that teacher in the Kes film
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    Embarrassing moments in life

    and anyway, the host never leaves at the end of a party Exibitionist
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    RIP Thiago Cortes

    In some way we're all to blame for letting mamby pamby lefties take control of our courts. Of course, a heavy sentence won't bring the lad back, but as a balance to the act and a deterrent to others, this lost life may not have been in such vain
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    Official Champions League Final Programme 2021 - Order here

    Two ordered cheers Ric
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    Adiós Agüero | The Tributes Thread

    It's obviously a dreadful day when Sergio leaves us, but we have to take it as all things progress. If you go back far enough, we have said goodbye to countless club legends, doyle, book, tuarte and so on. The huge media surrounding football at the moment makes all things more dramatic, but...
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    Adiós Agüero | The Tributes Thread

    No 1, thanks for the memories Enjoy your future wherever that takes you. You'll always have a heroes welcome here
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    Match Thread | Brighton vs Man City (18/05/21)

    Great point about Stones
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