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    Media Thread 2020/21

    Really? I heard they were let off. I'll get my coat
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    Individual player reactions to goals

    Mendy on his crutches or weaver in 99
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    Form a tortoise

    Im sure there a scene from some tv show/where romans are ordered to form a tortoise. Can any one point me in the right direction
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    For him to play in the europa next season means he surely wont be signing for barca. They wont even qualify for that
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    Chants we may never hear at the Etihad again?

    Not sure it was ever used at the Etihad, but who's that dying on the runway hasnt been heard in a while. Quite rightly so. Apologies as I grew up with this sung repeatedly on the 59 bus from middleton. edit: awaits ban
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    Jules Koundé

    I fucking hope so im on #17
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    Paulo Dybala

    My bad. I thought it was gross
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    Paulo Dybala

    It's nowhere near 975k. That's about 50m quid per year. More like 540k. Granted it's a lot but nowhere near a million per week
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    João Félix

    Senf him your address and see if he turns up
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    Summer Transfers

    Careless whispers?
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    Captaincy 1968/69

    And thats why you're still married and I'm looking for wife #3. Good on ya both
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    Captaincy 1968/69

    Tell mrs vienna she shoukd be peeling the spuds and not asking (albeit a great) questions when theres dinner to be had. That emily pankhurst has a lot to answer for ffs
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    City’s Legal and Media/PR Teams

    That's bullshit, Zab's Weetabix man. Shredded wheat!!! Wtf lol
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    100 Points Club

    Win our last 2 games and the biggest margin of victory is still in tact too
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