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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    Could be a mistake to let him go but it does make sense I love him, he's a great servant and he's works hard for the team...but it seems the right time for him to move He hasn't pushed on since the 18/19 season where he was amongst the best in the league He excels when KDB isn't fit but KDB...
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    Jack Grealish

    Know its not my money....and all things considered it doesn't really matter.....but still can't believe we're spending £100mil on a player of Grealish level (not that he's bad, he's fantastic but he's not £100 mil fantastic)
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    What if we just went with Delap, Jesus, and Torres?

    Champions league has got to be the goal, just has to....Still can't believe we didnt win it last year..... We're already dominating the Prem as much as possible with 5 wins in 10 seasons (with the Prem money making all 20 teams competitive l we could never dominate like a Bayern, PSG or Juve...
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    Re-build and Net Spend

    Best run club in the world but worked hard to get here The CFG is dominant, its almost scary And the funny part is apart from Sane, we've never sold someone we didn't want to We are the only team/group that continually invest and it pays the investment in frastructure is...
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    João Félix

    While this is true, this would represent a profit on the books, but from a business perspective its a net loss as you've made less on an asset than you paid for So on the books Atletico would be happy but in terms of cash flow they'd be making a huge loss That also doesn't include his huge...
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Striker is obviously huge, but I really would like to see us go after a new DM, the way Kante dominated us with his energy and tenacity is something we've missed since Dinho has been phased out I like Rodri, he's a different type of player but really if he isn't trusted in the champions League...
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Just can't get my head around the Rodri/Dinho situation Pep must not trust them, this was THE biggest game in our recent history and he didn't want either Striker and now a DM have to be priorities if he doesn't think they're good enough
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Shocking really that Pep doesn't trust either of Dinho or Rodri Inexcusable to start neither, have to assume DM is high on the priory list after this debacle
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Love Pep and think he's the best ever for us but my god did he fuck it up We all knew Chelsea would sit back on the counter and we played without a natural DM Whether it was Dinho or Rodri I don't give a fuck...... but to start with neither was atrocious (and in not being captain hindsight...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Chelsea Champs League Final (29/05/21)

    Pep fucked it so far Still 45 to play but he has overthought it again and fucked it
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    Champions League Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Only Pep would go into a champions league final without a fucking DM Pep has fucked the champions league for being too smart whereas this season he has a settled XI and we got to the final Think he's fucked it here, why take this risk? Hoping I'm wrong Cmon city
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    The only fire sale we've ever had was when we had 4 full backs all into their mid-30s The truth is, we sell when we decide and I don't see any reason why we need to sell ANYONE let alone a 'fire sale'
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    General transfer rumours

    Sure both Raz and Mahrez will give an even better performance if they think that they may be shipped off to fucking Arsenal and compete for mid table
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    Jack Grealish

    For £100mil Villa can fuck off right now If we can get a deal around the £60/70mil mark then I'm for it
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    #25 | Fernandinho - 2020/2021 Performances

    What a servant, so happy we have him for another year Massive player and I think he's done enough to play himself into the Final next week
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