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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    During the game, the commentator was desperate for Wolves to get a late win.
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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    Well on top for 75 minutes against a well organised, very talented Wolves team. Considering this was our first game, we will improve from here.
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    Micah Richards - The Pundit

    He is developing into a truly outstanding pundit. Powerful words - wonderful communicator. I'm 60 years old - we all wish we could have a chat with him. Wise beyond his years.
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    Lack of enthusiasm thread

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    Return of supporters

    Latest I heard, the 30 per cent crowd capacity proposed for October is now under review given the accelerating rise in the number of people infected and dying. I wouldn't hold out too much hope of getting back any time soon, and if fans are allowed back, all the signs are that it'll be way...
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    Phil Foden to leave England camp

    Seems that us and the rags have properly bollocked the pair of 'em. Not schoolkids, but you'd think that on joining the squad avoiding this sort of thing is spelt out loud and clear. Phil will get the much tougher time of the two. For as long as I can remember - going back to the 60s - City...
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    Merlin tests Positive for Covid

    You have 50-odd thousand friends and many, many more wishing you a full recovery David.
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    RIP. Mark Flynn

    RIP Mark.
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    Who remembers Citys Lottery

    I sold City Lottery Tickets in the mid-70s. They gave me a leather wallet for hitting a sales target. Still got it.
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    Return of supporters

    Been going to games since 68 and a seasoncard holder for decades, but as someone in the COVID vulnerable category, I won't be bidding to go to games in the ballot for the foreseeable future. I'll review the situation in 21/22 hoping and praying that it'll be safe to return, but we'll have to...
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    Seasoncard Amnesty

    City have given this some very careful thought and the solution they have outlined, which is subject to one or two things, is a good and very fair one. I've been going since 68 and buying seasoncards for decades. But due to a couple of medical conditions I'm in the vulnerable category and so...
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    And no Vinnie. Vinnie controlled our defence and raised the game of the likes of Otamendi.
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    Claudio Bravo has left the club

    Far fewer mistakes per game than the likes of Pickford, Lloris, Butland (to dig out a name from the past) et al. All the best Claudio and good luck.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    I didn't notice much of the crab-like play from him you allude to. Otamendi is good with the ball at his feet - was good defensively when he had Vinnie directing him.
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Rodri's passing stats are monumental - 100 per cent in some games - games where he's made up to 200 passes. For me, he's had a good first year.
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