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    Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    Was Pep sleeping or drunk?
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    Crystal Palace (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    at least uno zero (Catenaccio) please.
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    Olympiacos (A) - CL | Post-Match Thread

    Unozero (Catenaccio) football.
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    Olympiacos (A) - CL | Post-Match Thread

    Was Torres for only an interview?
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    Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread

    To win the CL, Pep is thinking of discarding the PL.
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    Man of the Match Liverpool PL (H)

    Cancelo was superb
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    CL - Marseille (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    have to say a zillion of times, this season as well as last season, bounce back to the winning way...
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    Ruben Dias - Benfica confirm sale to City

    How many CBs need to make up for Vinny? Anyway we can enjoy fancy transfer soap opera even during the pandemic.
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    Bournemouth (h) pre-match thread

    I wanna see Phil & Eric.
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    Newcastle (h) pre-match thread - 8th July, 6pm ko

    I have to say the tired refrain again...bounce back to winning way. Anyway, all I hope for the rest of the league matches is that Phil and Eric will play as much as they can.
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    Man of the Match Real Madrid CL 1st KO Round 1st Leg (A)

    TBH, Mendy was absolutely superb.
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    West Ham (h) pre-match thread

    cliché Man City bounce back the winning way
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