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    watch the original version as well. I enjoyed it.
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    Players you wished had stayed longer

    Van Buyten Distin
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    The Vikings in America

    They do don't they.
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    24.09.20 All out tomorrow including Ac Milan & Dortmund
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    Running thread

    yeah I reckon your right there, just know if i sit in and not run I will jsut go back to just relaxing too much (being lazy lol)
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    Running thread

    been off from running with issues around the groin/hip area for 2 weeks (adamant its a muscle tear or hernia) thought to myself this resting isnt working that the doctors have advised nor are the stronger painkillers so last two nights done 5-6k running around. Aching again and can feel the...
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    Your 6 favourite Space films.

    *All star wars films (bar episode 8) Space Cowboys Space Balls for comedy.
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    Getting a GP appointment

    Ah well I have followed their suggestion and all ok so far :)
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    Getting a GP appointment

    oh this is a plastic device, painless when you use it. They advised to put some drops in your ears before doing it.
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    Getting a GP appointment

    There the same syringes the doctors use, all completely safe.
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    Getting a GP appointment

    I got a Ezy Doze Deluxe ear syringe off amazon. That and some aloe vera drops done the trick for me Just put water in the syringe (basically whats used by doctor)
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    Getting a GP appointment

    I moved home 3 weeks ago. Last week called the nearby surgery to register. Had a phone call with a doctor in the afternoon My previous surgery i was using was useless
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    Micah Richards - The Pundit

    nout wrong with shopping at aldi
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    Gundogan tests positive for Coronavirus

    If he has it and been training with the teams surely its been passed?
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    Are United Still Our 'Main' Rivals?

    never have been. will always be stockport county..
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