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    Car fix advice (or best forums to do so).

    I've always found owners forums provide the best results, although not used them for a couple of years, these any good?
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    Words and phrases you don't hear any more.

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    Songs that actually tell a story

    _The King
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    Songs that actually tell a story

    Loved this one for years Always thought the chorus could be reformed into a decent City chant, "Catch the Blue Train".
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    Football's Dickheads?

    He was a twat as an adult too.
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    TV Series

    Thanks for the heads up, I won't be going there either.
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    Stockport County taken over

    Yes the Greyhound, soulless place that was, probably only went in a couple of times. Years ago- you're right, I last ventured down Gorsey Bank in the late 80s and there were a few boarded up empties then, some big families lived on there, houses knocked through etc, always a couple of ponies...
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    Stockport County taken over

    I know but so was Gorsey Bank and that's gone now, thought they may have done same with B/Hall estate, it was rough as fuck. Cross Keys was always a decent boozer, can't remember the name of the big one that was at the lights though.
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    TV Series

    The Killing was only the 2nd of these multi season offerings I watched, Boardwalk Empire being the first. I really enjoyed them both but The Killing was more my type of drama, plenty of twists, bought into the main characters with ease, thought the actor who played Rosie's father was brilliant...
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    Stockport County taken over

    Rostrevor Rd? So The Wembley was your local, what a place that was bitd. Just had a google and see that Bridgehall estate is still intact, looks like there's even some new properties on there, I wonder if the club is still going, was well known for darts I recall, Tony O'Shea played there as...
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    Reduced Prices on Meals on the Gov...

    You may think it's mental but you've just said you've been out quite a bit yourself, so you are just compounding the madness along with all the other clowns.
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    Holiday advice

    Had our first holiday in Goa back in February, absolutely loved it and were hoping to return in January, holidays are being offered, prices are ok, although currently a bit higher than we paid last time. Such a big gamble to consider booking yet but I can't help but keep checking the prices...
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    TV Series

    If you like the genre then you'll enoy El Chapo, learn a bit more about his rise to prominence than you likely would from Narcos, either way I've enjoyed both series.
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