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    Scoop 6 Week 22

    Coroebus Noble Dynasty Zain Claudette Be Proud Perfect Power Marie’s Diamond Cheers Leighton and good luck all
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    Misplaced Mancunia (music thread)

    Got back from the States and could only get VIP tickets for the QPR game so got two for myself and brother . We was in a marquee outside the ground and Billy Duffy was with Jonny Marr don’t really collect autographs but had to get these two to sign my programme . Told Duffy loved Theatre he...
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    Safe Standing To Go Ahead This Year

    Safe standing a topic on radio 2 with Jeremy Vine , they interviewed 4 people at the swamp last night , 3 were Irish the other from the West Country :)
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Gollum won’t be there next season
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    Scoop 6 Week 21

    Mid Winster Hellomydarlin Pivione Mr Wagyu Gubbass Marie’s Diamond Cheers Leighton and good luck all
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    Always wonder what Jordan would of done when he was in charge of Palace and the sheikh would of turned up and offered the petro dollars to him , quite sure he would of held his grubby perma tanned claws out
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Just got back from walking the dogs where I bumped into a young lad who lives on the street , he’s about 11 years old a decent lad and we always have the craic about city and the rags . He was getting quite ecstatic about the rags being top of the league when I asked hi if he was going to the...
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    9/11 where were you?

    Working at Leicester uni watching it unfold in the students common room, later moved to New York for a while and a good friend who worked in the city said everyone just got up and walked home, he lived in Queens . Remember when I was there they were still in the process of clearing the place up...
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    Scoop 6 Week 20

    Venturous Alounak Hochfield Hurricane Lane Phoenix Cowboy Bucky Larson Cheers Leighton and good luck all
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    Mens clothes shops

    Atom retro and jump the gun have some decent clobber
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Just watched the England game in the local , there’s about 5 or 6 of them who only come in when the rags are playing but they’re in for the England game so no worries . Throughout the game all they talk about is nited , I can put up with that so when Harry Kane missed a sitter one of them pipes...
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    Scoop 6 Week 19

    Indianapolis Irish legend Thunderclap Cliffs of Capri Mountain Peak Ready to Venture
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    Non league football.

    Always said Wilkinson wouldn’t know class if it was in front of him ;)
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    Non league football.

    Great days indeed Chicago , sneaking onto the pitch for a kick about , felt like a real player . Early eighties Bob Murphy had a great team with the likes of Skeete , Moore , Smith and O’keefe who went to Everton for 25 k , great FA cup runs and regular attendances upto a thousand fans...
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    Lee, Bell and Summerbee to be honoured with statues

    Helen ringing her bell
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