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    The Boxing thread

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    The Boxing thread

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    The Boxing thread

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    The Boxing thread

    Dont know why MTK bothered with qualifying fights they might has well just had Ohara vs Mckenna full stop thats the only result they wanted both have some beef with each other so makes for a good fight the french lad easily won that fight its that corrupt its embarrassing .
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    Tasty childhood treats

    Ice cream float brings back memories .
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    EFL Cup Games 24/25 Sept

    Looked everywhere can’t find them on any night
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    EFL Cup Games 24/25 Sept

    What Chanel are the highlights on
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    General UFC thread

    Easy nights work for Khabib i appreciate his skills but fuck me its boring to watch .
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    Vincent Kompany testimonial

    Its not letting me record Kompany's testimonial for some reason .
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    Sweets from your youth

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    Sweets from your youth

    Texan Bar
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    Arthur Moore - Lanzarote R.I.P

    Top Bar a few great sessions watching city .
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    Unwitting Footballer Encounters

    Manchester airport passport control bumped into Ruud Gullit i let on to him he just gave me a right dirty look so i tapped him on the shoulder and called him a miserable twat he just walked off good job cos he was twice my size would of wiped the floor with me .
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    Love Island 2019

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