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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Aced it. Great match.
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    World Cup Qualifiers & International Friendlies | 1st Sept 21 - 8th Sept 21

    Northern Ireland.v suiss may be. 0 0 but its a cracker. Great atmosphere
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    Know Your Testicles. Bluemoon knowledge base (Module 3)

    Did I miss modules 1 and 2 ??? Feel should start at the beginning to gain full impact
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    Ruben Dias signs new contract until 2027

    Delighted. Top player
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    Kompany & Silva Statues

    Great film too
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    Premier League Games 28/29 August

    Quickest ref review ever. Did he even see a moving picture
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    Kompany & Silva Statues

    He's also too tall, costs too much in metal
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    Rest In peace Aunty Sally - Una Stubbs

    RIP. Lovely lady.
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    Comic books or graphic novels

    In Stretford precient Saturday. Nice comic shop near specsavers Lots of choice Good to see something different in shop type
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    From Mon. 20% off rest of the year for NHS staff using the mcds app linked to NHS email address.
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    Post Something Interesting

    Cuboid poo.
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    Retro Shirts

    Could try. Shop on Deansgate Manchester. They had long rail of retro City shirts
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    Retro Shirts

    Visited store at weekend, zero retro shirts. Lots and lots of madchester ones, not been since new kit launch.
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    Italy v England | Euro 2020 Final

    Negative team wins against a poor German team, not so sure with the Italy team
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    Flight 12 Champions League Final

    Its coming home
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