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    Liverpool loses...

    The whole Unesco thing was a joke anyway. To lump Liverpool in alongside such iconic sites as the Taj Mahal is laughable. To then use Everton as an excuse is ridiculous. The area where the stadium will be built is almost derelict, out of the main Dock area and will create employment also. It's...
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    Holidays abroad unlikely this year

    From what I have read it appears midnight closing but only to those who are vaccinated ( might be difficult for hospitality to check and enforce). Seems like no sitting indoors and maximum of 4 per table. I know from last year that the bars etc closed dead on time and if they said midnight it...
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    Everton Thread - 2021/22

    Mediocre as they are, they are arguably an improvement on Bernard and Iwobi. In hindsight I think Ancelotti knew about restrictions on players and thought mm Real Madrid.
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    Celebrities who get on your nerves

    Stacey Solomon Peter Crouch Any of the Redknapps John Bishop
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    Tom O'Connor Died

    My grandparents always spoke very highly of him as they met him on a Greek cruise in the late 70s. He was father in law to the athlete Denise Lewis and was one of the few celebrity scousers who supported the right team
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    Record Store Day 2021 first drop 12th June

    Struggled to find anything from today- there was literally no other customers in my local shop and this was just before 9am. Ended up purchasing love-everybody's gotta live and captain beefheart unconditionally guaranteed. Just to give them some business. Spreading it out over 2 days made good...
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    Seeing the same band/artist over and over and over

    Seen mick head / shack in far too many venues and settings. Saw the coral play loads of times including a gig at sidecar in Barcelona which was 200 capacity and they had to walk through the crowd to get on stage. Also saw kraftwerk play 3 consecutive nights in Oslo. To me the venue and city or...
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    New City bar in Los Cristianos Tenerife

    They've been a great source of amusement all my life and he was no different. We had one on the plane in his full kit, different breed and even the 28c heat does not phase them. Best fans in the world la
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    New City bar in Los Cristianos Tenerife

    Watch the game and buy a watch for €100 euro off the lucky lucky man. Have you all deserted the spivs bar- he must be on his second million by now
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    Imagine being so entrenched in the Scouse not English shite they believe in that you can't enjoy the game on Sunday should England win. Weird thing is that without the non scousers amongst them they would struggle to fill their stadium.
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    I think the rating of some for Benitez is based on his track record for Liverpool and predominantly 2005. Since then he has not really set the world alight and actually struggled to avoid relegation with Dalian Professional in the Chinese league. They are my concerns around his appointment and...
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    I went the europa league final v benfica and the Chelsea fans hated him with a passion. He stuck it out there and am sure he will do same at goodison
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    I think his main objective should be to get rid of the deadwood in the squad. Interesting to see what he thinks of the likes of Tom Davies !!
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    To be fair if all the other teams had won, we would have been relegated regardless. The torching of the Wimbledon bus the night before at the Lord Daresbury Hotel probably gave a hint of what was to follow. The atmosphere was nervous but incendiary and 2-0 in 20 minutes didn't look to good. Dean...
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    We all know fans are fickle to say the least but I can't see him doing anything that would get most of our fans behind him. Would have sooner have seen a younger manager who wanted to make a stamp on the game and try some new ideas. But it is what it is and you support the team whatever.
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